This Apple Watch Charging Dock Plugs Right Into Your Macbook

satechi apple watch charger
Credits: Satechi

For all those people who just hate to carry long wires around to get a quick boost on your Apple Watch, check out Satechi’s new Apple Watch charger, a magnetic USB-C charging dock built with portability in mind.

This charger will not disappoint you as it connects right into your device that has a USB-C port, say an iPad, Macbook, or any modern gadget that supports charging through a USB-C port.

As far as the specifications are concerned, the charging dock has a dimension of 1.73 x 2 x 0.45 inches. It delivers 5W power output. The company offers you a small 5-inch charging cable in case your setup doesn’t have room for accommodating this charger.

In terms of design, the charging dock flaunts a space gray aluminum finish to match the aesthetics with all your other products in the Apple ecosystem. The charging cable follows the space gray design as well, which is a neat addition.

You probably won’t have to worry about compatibility with your Apple Watch with this charging dock as the company promises that it works with all Apple Watch models.

Coming to the price, Satechi has priced this charging dock at $45. The price is on the higher side but it should be a good addition for people on the move.

In the meantime, if you often find yourselves reaching for the charger while using your Apple Watch Series 5, check out our tips to make your battery last longer before you dock it into this charger.

Check-out Satechi USB-C Apple Watch charging dock

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