Apple To Surprisingly Release A 14-Core iMac Pro, But it Does Not Ship Until Early 2018

imac pro

After teasing a souped-up variant of the existing iMac all-in-one computer, called the iMac Pro, to the consumers four months ago, Apple is finally making it available to purchase on December 14. You’ll have to shell quite a large chunk of your wealth to be able to buy this powerhouse since it starts at $4,999. However, did you know Apple is planning to surprise you with a new processor alternative that’d work in your favor?

When Apple first gave us a sneak peek at this space gray beauty at its WWDC conference, it was termed as an ultra high-end machine for creative professionals. Due to its immense focus on highly-intensive tasks, such as 4K video editing or graphics designing, Apple has powered even the entry-level iMac Pro with stellar specifications. You get an 8-core Intel Xeon processor, coupled with 32GB of RAM and 8GB of AMD Radeon Pro Vega 56 GPU. You can upgrade the same to include a 10-core or 18-core processor, with the RAM going up to 128GB and GPU memory of up to 16GB.

Thus, many of us were stumped when well-known technology YouTuber MKBHD mentioned a 14-core iMac Pro in his week-long impressions video. There is no mention of the said 14-core processor variant on Apple’s official website and no leaks pertaining to it had surfaced ever since the teaser shown at WWDC 2017.

However, MKBHD tweeted that the 14-core model is 100% legit and Apple is going to update this new info on their website when the iMac Pro finally goes on sale tomorrow. This will give creatives even more options to design their custom iMac Pro models to match their performance requirements.

But, yes there’s a catch my friends. In his video, MKBHD also mentioned the 8-core and 10-core Xeon processor-powered iMac Pro models will be readily available upon ordering whereas the higher 14-core and 18-core Xeon processor variants won’t ship until early 2018. So, if you had been looking forward to ordering the fully-specced iMac Pro on Thursday, then you’ll have to roughly wait until March or April of next year.

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