What to Expect from Apple’s ‘Scary Fast’ Event: M3 Chip, New iMac & More

Apple just had a blowout Wonderlust launch event last month, where it unveiled the iPhone 15 series, Apple Watch Series 9, Apple Watch Ultra 2, and an AirPods Pro 2nd gen with type C port. While reports from respected analysts like Ming-Chi Kuo claimed that there would not be more stuff in 2023, Apple has announced a strikingly different October launch event named “Scary Fast” scheduled for October 30. It suggests that Apple is far from done for the year. Now, If you are curious about what products Apple will launch at its Scary Fast event, we have compiled this guide based on leaks and rumors. So, let’s get right into it.

Apple Scary Fast Event: Expected Announcements

In another rarity, Apple has confirmed the headliner for the Scary Fast launch event, or at least most of the keynote: Apple Mac. If you visit the Apple events page, you will see that the Apple logo for the event transforms into the Mac Finder’s icon. So now we know that the event’s spotlight will be on Macs, which comes as a surprise to those claiming that we won’t be seeing anything significant from Apple for the rest of 2023.

Also, Fast in “Scary Fast” most likely denotes the improvement in the performance of upcoming devices as we are expected to see the new M3 chip. That said, here’s everything you can expect from Apple’s Scary Fast event :

M3 Chip

While several reports from respected analysts were insisting that M3 won’t come until next year, in a new post on X, Kuo says, “I believe M3 series MacBook Pro will be Oct 30th media event’s focus.” Also, as reported by Mark Gurman in August itself, Apple has been testing M3 Max and M3 Pro 14-inch and 16-inch MacBook Pros, which include up to 16 CPU cores and 40 GPU cores, setting the stage for its most powerful laptops ever. If these reports come true, this is big news, and Apple might say that M3 is scary fast.

New MacBook Pro with M3 Chips

MacBook Pro

As the Scary Fast event is a Mac-focused event, there is no way that we won’t see a new MacBook Pro. To support this claim, a report from Gurman says that “Apple retail stores are in short supply of the iMac, as well as the 13-inch MacBook Pro and high-end MacBook Pro, so it is very much likely that MacBook Models will get an upgrade.

Also, considering the fact that the Scary Fast launch event is a virtual one where pre-recorded videos will be streamed, we don’t expect any significant visual changes on the new MacBook Pro models that are worth going hands-on with. So, the new MacBook Pro models are more likely to come with only performance upgrades with the new M3 chips.

New iMac 24-inch


iMac users have been waiting for an iMac refresh for over two years now, so it is very likely that we will get to see a new iteration of the 24-inch Mac desktop at the Scary Fast launch event. Apple last updated the iMac in April 2021, introducing a version of its iconic all-in-one computer with an M1 chip. We expect the new iMac 24-inch to come with the M2 processor, perhaps with the option for an M2 Pro chip instead, as it’s rare for a Mac to go this long without an upgrade. Along with a chip upgrade, we expect the new models to look similar to the current lineup, but yes, with different colors.

iPad 11th Gen

While the Scary Fast is a Mac-focused launch event, we still expect Apple to release the new iPad 11th Gen as well. There are only a handful of rumors surrounding the 11th Gen iPad so far, with nothing official yet; it’s hard to say which to believe. Last year, we saw a price hike and a full redesign, so we don’t expect much from Apple for the next affordable iPad update.

As reported by Mark Gurman in his Power On newsletter back in January, we won’t see anything incremental on the new iPad 11th Gen except a little spec bump. Also, It seems likely that Apple will move the iPad 11th Gen to an A15 Bionic chip from the A14 in the current model. Again, Apple is walking a fine line trying not to confuse the extensive iPad lineup.

New iPad Air

iPad Air

The speculations of a new iPad Air model have been going around for a long time. The latest report from DigiTimes suggests that we could see a new iPad Air model with a 12.9-inch display, making it the biggest screen ever seen on any iPad apart from the iPad Pros. While it was supposed that Apple would release a new iPad Air model last week, this was incorrect. Instead, all we got is a new, more affordable Apple Pencil with a USB-C charging port.

As per rumors, Apple could announce a new iPad Air with a bigger display but if you are thinking that the refreshed model will bing iPad Pro’s miniLED backlighting, you might be disappointed.

When is Apple’s Scary Fast Event?

In previous years, Apple’s late fall launch event used to happen in mid-October, but this year, the Cupertino tech giant has scheduled the Mac launch event on October 30. This year, the timeline of the event goes perfectly with the launch event’s name as in the UK, Halloween falls on the same date.

Apple has also sent out invites for the event, and unlike the press invites for the iPhone 15 series launch event, the Scary Fast event’s invites state, “watch a special Apple Event online. Tune in at apple.com.” So, similar to other Apple virtual events, this, too, is open to everyone.

While Apple is known for scheduling all its events at a specific time, 10 a.m. P.T., this time, the tech giant has chosen an unprecedented time for the event to happen – 5 p.m. P.T.

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  • John says:

    I imagine Apple will address the Mac sales decline with at least a M3 Macbook Pro. I am less inclined to believe that Apple will do the same to the iMac but it is possible. How much refreshes for these two really help Mac’s dwindling sales is anyone’s guess. iPad sales have declined for some time, if any get a M3 refresh it would be at the Pro line not iPad Air. The real question will be if the M3 is really a significant improvement, or will Apple just do their sleight of hand comparison to the M1 to make it look faster than it is.

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