Apple Now Sells Lumos Matrix Smart Bike Helmet in the US

lumos matrix helmet

A major reason why people commuting on a bike, skateboard, or scooter meet with accidents is the lack of proper communication with other drivers on the road. A lot of smart helmets exist in the market for getting around this and now, none other than Apple has started selling Lumos Matrix, a smart helmet in its stores.

So, let’s see what’s special about Lumos Matrix to catch Apple’s attention. Firstly, there is a 7×11 dot-matrix display on the rear of the helmet that is completely customizable. It allows you to set your own animations so that you can be that cool kid on the road.

There are dedicated turn signals and automatic brake lights in the helmet that would help people traveling behind you to be aware that you’re about to take a turn or slow down for a stop. The turn lights can be activated by making use of the Lumos Remote or the Apple Watch app.

You can further finetune the controls from your smartphone by installing the companion app available on the App Store for iOS and Play Store for Android devices.

“We want to come up with ideas that embody the next-generation helmet. The helmet has done a great job of being a form of protection; we’re trying to add to that by saying it’s not just protection but also prevention.”, says Eu-wen Ding, CEO of Lumos.

The Lumos Matrix comes in two color versions – White and Black and it is available to buy from the Apple Store at a price of $249.95.

Buy Lumos Matrix Helmet from Apple Store

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