Apple’s “Unique” Face Masks Are Only for Its Employees and Retail Partners

Apple face masks feat.

Since the inception of the Coronavirus, face masks have become a part of our daily attire. As a result, we have seen an array of masks pop up in the market to meet the massive demands. And when there was a huge shortage of masks for the frontline workers, we have seen many companies including Apple make face shields for the workers. Now, a recent report suggests that the former $2-trillion-company has designed their very own face masks for its employees and retail partners.

According to a report by Bloomberg, Apple has designed face masks which they are giving out to the retail and corporate teams of the company. The Cupertino-based tech giant developed two types of face masks, one of which is entirely clear, much like Huami’s “Project Aeri” and the self-sterilizing “Leaf” face mask.

Now, the two kinds of face masks – Apple Face Mask and Apple ClearMask, are the first face masks by Apple that are designed and developed by the company’s in-house teams.

“The company previously created a different face shield for medical workers and distributed millions of other masks across the health-care sector.”, reads the report by Mark Gurman.

These Apple masks contain three layers of filter to block the incoming particles from the air. And as told to the employees who received the masks from the company, the masks can be washed and reused as many as five times. And they also come with adjustable strings to fit every person comfortably.

There are no hints that Apple will start selling these face masks to the general consumer. However, if they start doing so, expect the company to put a high price tag for these, as it is Apple we are talking about. 

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