Major Leak Reveals Chip Details of Upcoming iPad and iPhone Models

All iPad Lienups.
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In Short
  • A new leak shared on X (formerly Twitter) by a tipster with a proven record reveals chip details of 16 new Apple devices.
  • As per the leak, the iPad 11th-Gen will arrive with A14 Bionic, the iPad Mini 7 with A17, 2024 iPad Air models with Apple M2, and the OLED iPad Pro with Apple M3 processor.
  • iPhone 16 Pro and 16 Pro Max are expected to feature a fully functional A18 Pro chipset, with the standard models getting the binned versions.

With new iPad and Mac models expected later in March and the iPhone 16 series in September this year, there has been a lot of buzz around which chips Apple will use to power its 2024 device lineup. Interestingly, a new leak posted on X (formerly Twitter) reveals chip details of 16 new Apple devices. Yes, 16 new upcoming Apple devices

The leak was shared by a private account with a proven track record of sharing accurate information on Apple’s plans. First spotted by AppleInsider, the leaker has a small follower list and has protected posts. They did not mention the leaker’s name and directly took the text out of the post.

According to the discovered codes, the first column is the chip identifier and the third number is the internal codenames.

A14 Bionic

The first two devices will likely be equipped with an A14 Bionic chipset, which made its debut in 2020. These devices appear to be two variants of the entry-level iPad lineup. Since the iPad 10th-Gen already has the A14 Bionic, it’s unclear why Apple would release a new iPad 11th-Gen model with the same A14 chipset again.

There are slim chances that we might see a HomePod with a display, which has been rumored for quite a long time.

A17 Chip

The next two devices hint at the possibility of variants of the 2024 iPad Mini. If this turns out to be legit, it would be a notable upgrade from the A15 Bionic chip found on the current iPad Mini 6 models.

M2 Processor

The next four devices are expected to be the iPad Air 2024 models with the Apple M2 chipset. For the past few months, the upcoming iPad Air model has been rumored to become available in two screen sizes — 10.9 inches and 12.9 inches.

These screen dimensions align with the 11-inch and 12.9-inch displays on the iPad Pro 2022 models. With two screen size options in the affordable Air lineup, Apple is planning to attract more buyers in that segment.

The current version of the iPad Air features an M1 chip, and the iPad Pro 2022 lineup boasts the M2 chipset. So, we can expect the new iPad Air models to upgrade to the M2 chip later this month.

M3 Processor

Talking about Apple’s high-end iPad lineup, the upcoming iPad Pro is expected to bring a brand-new, much-awaited feature to the table – OLED panels. The leaker suggested that the new iPad Pro 2024 models will be equipped with a 3nm M3 Apple Silicon processor.

A18 Chip

The next set of codes includes the t8140 identifier, which is currently unknown. However, as per the report, it is presumably the A18 chipset that’s expected to make a debut on the iPhone 16 series this year.

If we believe the report, Apple will launch all four iPhone 16 models, including the Pro models will get the same chipset. Well, it goes against what Apple has done with the last few releases.

To give clarity, the leaker who posted the information told MacRumors that the iPhone 16 Pro and 16 Pro Max will boast an “Apple A18 Pro” chipset, even though the entire chip lineup has the same CPID. He further added that the iPhone 16 Pro models will get a fully functional chipset, whereas the vanilla models would feature binned versions with fewer CPU or performance cores.

As we mentioned above, the leaker has a notable accuracy record. Sometimes, they have accurately discovered the build numbers of betas, even days before the release. Still, as is the case with all the leaks we report, we suggest you take it with a grain of salt.

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