Apple Might Launch AR Glasses, ARM-based MacBooks in 2020

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Apple’s entry into the AR headset market has been rumoured for quite some time, and it’s possible that the company will launch its AR glasses next year. This is according to a report from Bloomberg, which says that the Cupertino giant is targeting a 2020 release date for its AR glasses.

According to the report, Apple’s glasses will come with a holographic display, and will pair with users’ iPhones to display texts, and incoming notifications right in front of their eyes using augmented reality. Apple has been improving ARKit over the past few years, and it’s already a pretty solid AR platform, even though there’s a dearth of actually useful ARKit based apps on the App Store so far.

With AR glasses, the Cupertino giant may be trying to capture the kind of market Google had hoped for with the failed Google Glasses, and considering Apple’s user-reach and the kind of brand-loyalty that Apple users exhibit, it may be well poised to succeed where Google failed with AR glasses.

Apart from that, the Bloomberg report also mentions that the company might finally launch an ARM-based MacBook — another thing that has been in the rumour mill for quite some time. Apple’s custom processors that it uses in the iPhones and iPads have consistently performed at par or better than their x86 counterparts from Intel, and having a custom chip inside a MacBook would allow Apple more control over software optimisation which should help with performance as well as battery life — something that MacBooks boast of already.

If this report turns out to be accurate, the Cupertino giant will have a huge year ahead of it in 2020, and honestly, a rather exciting one to follow. Hopefully the tech giant will overhaul its product line-up with some exciting and new devices soon.

SOURCE Bloomberg
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