Apex Legends Mobile Global Release Set for May 17

apex legends mobile - how to pre-register and play the game anywhere in the world

EA and Respawn Entertainment have finally confirmed when their much-awaited hero-based battle royale shooter game, Apex Legends, will reach mobile users. After multiple beta tests and leaks, May 17 has been set as the global release date for Apex Legends Mobile. The game will be available to play for free on Android and iOS devices. Here are all the details.

Apex Legends Mobile Release Date Announced

The initial beta testing for Apex Legends Mobile started earlier last year, expanding to locations like Indonesia, Hong Kong, and India. The company took some time away to refine the gameplay and kicked off the closed beta test for the game with more users in 10 locations around the world a couple of months ago.

The nearly two-month-long beta test came to a close on May 6th, and merely a week later, EA has confirmed that Apex Legends Mobile will be available for everyone to play on May 17th. That means players in the US, India, and other major locations will no longer need to rely on VPNs and new Google accounts to play the game. You can pre-register for Apex Legends Mobile on Android via the attached guide and iOS via the link below.

The launch date announcement video in the tweet above not only gives us a look at Apex Legends Mobile characters and weapons but also teases the first-ever mobile-exclusive legend (along with Blisk) towards the end. There is no official word, however, we expect the official release to happen with this exclusive legend in tow. If not next week, the legend will arrive with the next season’s launch.

Apex Legends Mobile Global Release Set for May 17

Moreover, those who have pre-registered for the game will get access to exclusive in-game banners, gun charms, and legend skins. You will get the Fateful Games banner frame, On Target banner pose and Molten Earth epic skin for Bloodhound, Teeth Cutter R99 skin, and even a holo spray.

Now, for those unaware, Apex Legends Mobile is a hero-based shooter title where 60 players drop from a ship (onto the World’s Edge and Kings Canyon maps) to battle until they are the last one standing. The game is different from other BR games in one major aspect, i.e. the characters have unique abilities.

Also, the mobile game brings some additional features compared to the PC and console game, including a perks system, upgraded firing range, character selection screen improvements, and more. And to put your queries to rest, Apex Legends Mobile will only see iOS and Android players queue up against each other and won’t support crossplay with PC and console lobbies. So, are you excited for the official launch of Apex Legends Mobile globally? Let us know in the comments below.

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