Anker’s New Power Bank is Also a Gaming Grip With a Built-In Fan

Anker powercore play 6700 feat.

With the development of mobile gaming, smartphones are becoming these powerful hand-held gaming devices. Although there are dedicated gaming phones with massive batteries like the ROG Phone, the Xiaomi BlackShark, or the Lenovo Legion, long hours of gaming could still take a hard toll on the devices. So now, popular electronic accessory-makers, Anker has released a gaming-centric power bank for smartphones to help you play your games for longer and with much better comfort.

The PowerCore Play 6700 is Anker’s latest addition to its product portfolio. It is essentially a power bank designed specifically for hardcore mobile gamers who like to spend long hours playing games on their smartphone.

A Power Bank For Mobile Gamers

The PowerCore Play 6700 combines the concept of a portable battery pack and an ergonomic smartphone grip for easy-gaming. It packs a 6700mAh battery that can recharge an iPhone 11 two times before running out of juice.

Anker powercore play 6700 3

The grip also has a pull-out mechanism that enables the device to hold smartphones of several sizes. This list includes smartphones like the iPhone 8 Plus, iPhone XS Max, iPhone XR, iPhone 11 and 11 Pro Max, Samsung S10, and S20 series of smartphones.

Anker powercore play 6700 2

So we all know that when we play games on our smartphone for long hours while it is connected to a power source, the device can heat up drastically. So, to keep the smartphones cool and help it to perform efficiently, there is a built-in fan at the back of the PowerCore Play 6700.

Anker powercore play 6700 1

Now, the device is can power both iPhones and Android devices, however, it comes with a USB-A to USB-C cable only. So, there is no cable for iPhone owners in the box. They need to use their own existing lightning cable for their devices.

So, if you are a full-time mobile gamer who spends a lot of time playing mobile games, then you should grab the PowerCore Play 6700 from Amazon for $35.99 (~Rs 2695).

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