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Google recently released the stable Android 14 and we have now got the latest statistics on the Android version distribution, which tells about how Android is adopted by users and which version is the most popular. The last time this happened was in May. Have a look at the details below.

Latest Android Version Distributions Stats

Based on recent stats, Android 13 is the most used Android version as it has acquired a share of 22.4%, which has seen a significant increase since May. It was 15% then! Prompt software updates on most smartphones could be the reason for its swift adoption and this could continue to grow!

The second most used Android version may come as a surprise; it is Android 11 with a share of 21.6%. It has seen a drop in adoption since the last set of data released but this is still impressive given that it has taken the second spot even now.

This is followed by Android 10 (16.1%) and Android 12 (15.8%), which is pretty surprising. It feels like Android 12 hasn’t been the likable choice and people are rather preferring older versions! The list continues with Android 9 with a share of 10.5%, Android 8.1 with a 5.6% share, Android 8 and 6 with 1.9% share, Android 7.1 and 7 with 1.3% share, Android 5.1 with 1.2% share, Android 4.4 with 0.4% share, and Android 5 with 0.2% share.

The stats highlight how even older Android versions remain active, showcasing how erratic Android distribution can be. It goes without saying that Android 14 is currently out of the picture considering it just went stable and is yet to reach more and more smartphones. We shall get more on this once a few months pass, giving us a better picture of how Android 14 is treated.

We will keep you posted with the new stats whenever they arrive, so, stay tuned. Also, what are your thoughts on the aforementioned data? Do not forget to share with us in the comments below.

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