Leaked Android 13 Screenshots Reveal New Features; Here’s a First Look!

Leaked Android 13 Screenshots Reveal New Features, Changes; Check out the Details Here!

While phone makers prepare to deliver their Android 12-based skins to compatible smartphones, Google is already making advancements with its upcoming Android 13 OS, reportedly called Tiramisu. Now, we have our first look at Google’s upcoming Android version, thanks to multiple screenshots acquired by XDA Developers.

First Look at Android 13 ‘Tiramisu’ Features

In its recent report, the folks at XDA shared a few screenshots of the next-gen Android OS, acquired from an anonymous source who has access to an early Android 13 build. Google will likely unveil the upcoming Android 13 OS after the stable release of Android 12L, which is designed for foldable devices, tablets, and Chromebooks.

The Android 13 screenshots show a few new features, which will likely make their way to the OS, and some minor changes in the UI design of the software. Let’s take a look at them below.

Per-App Language Settings

Starting with the first new feature, Panlingual in Android 13 will allow users to set the language on a per-app basis, instead of setting a universal language for the UI, menus, and apps on their devices.

This could be a useful feature for multilingual users as they will be able to set a universal language for their smartphone and then choose different languages for individual apps from the App Languages section in the Language and Input settings. The App Languages menu can also be accessed via the App Info screen on Android 13.

Runtime Permission for Notifications

To tackle the issue of notification spam by various apps, Google has included a new runtime permission setting for app notifications. This, as per the XDA report, means that notifications on Android 13 could become an opt-in feature that would let users decide whether to allow an app to send a notification to the device or not.

In the above screenshot, you can see that there is a new Notification option in the App permissions section of the Gmail app. Although the feature does not currently work on any app, it could be useful in preventing apps from delivering constant notifications and, more often than not, distracting users.

The Android Resource Economy (TARE)

As per the XDA report, Google will likely introduce a new feature called The Android Resource Economy (TARE) with Android 13. The feature will “award” a form of currency dubbed “Android Resource Credits” to apps based on how much they consume the battery of the device. Apps can then use these credits as payments to perform different tasks. It will reportedly work through AlarmManager and JobScheduler policies.

With this feature, Google aims to focus on energy management for smartphones. Not much is known about TARE on Android 13 as of now. Plus, it could involve some complexities, as per XDA. So, we’ll have to wait for Google to shed some more light on the said feature.

Lock Screen Clock Layouts

Lastly, the Android 13 screenshots reveal that Google is aiming to add a new toggle to turn off the two-line layout for the lock screen clock on Android 13. The company added the two-line layout to the lock screen clock with its latest Android 12 update, which switches to the single-line layout when notifications are delivered.

However, as per the screenshots of Android 13, Google will add a dedicated toggle to completely turn off the two-line layout for the clock on the lock screen. You can check out the new clock-layout feature in the screenshots above.

So, that is all we currently have on Google’s upcoming Android 13 OS. As the screenshots are from a very early build of the software, the above features will likely be modified or removed altogether during the beta testing period. Android 13 will, presumably, be unveiled at Google’s next I/O event, which usually takes place in May.

What do you think about Android 13’s new features and changes? Are you excited about it? Let us know your thoughts in the comments.

SOURCE XDA Developers
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