New Linux Patches Posted by AMD! RDNA 4 Graphics Coming Soon?

In Short
  • AMD has reportedly posted new patches for Linux in preparation for 'GFX12', which is expected to be RDNA 4.
  • This patch series is for "updated IP (intellectual property) blocks" for the Linux kernel AMD GPU driver.
  • Linux 6.9 merge window is expected to be in mid-2024 when support for these new components will be added.

Advanced Micro Devices (AMD) has just posted a new patch series for Linux. This is expected in preparation for RDNA 4, the next-generation graphics architecture.

For now, these patches don’t tell us much. Simply put, AMD’s Linux team is performing enablement work for an unannounced new graphics architecture. We don’t know when exactly RDNA 4 is going to come out, so hold your horses. Still, this is pretty exciting because the latest Steam Deck 2 rumors suggest it may use AMD’s RDNA 4 as the graphics architecture!

Moreover, I am super pumped for the highest-end RDNA 4 desktop graphics card, which will eventually compete against Nvidia’s next behemoth, expected to be the RTX 5090. As per Phoronix, AMD’s Linux team has posted the new patches to enable “updated IP (intellectual property) blocks” for the GPU driver by AMD made for the Linux kernel.

It was earlier reported by Phoronix back in 2023 that the chipmaker has also posted ‘initial patches‘ for GFX12, a reference to the upcoming graphics architecture (which is highly expected to be RDNA 4). By the way, in Linux, “GFX10” refers to RDNA 3 graphics architecture. Until the chipmaker makes an official announcement on RDNA 4, things like this are going to keep teasing us all.

Image Courtesy: Phoronix

Reportedly, these new patches are for enabling LSDMA 7.0, IH 7.0, HDP 7.0, and ATHUB 4.1. These are all components in preparation for GFX12 (which is, again, RDNA 4 if predictions are right). These IP blocks have drastically higher version numbers. This further points us towards the new components being meant for RDNA 4. This will be Team Red’s next major graphics architecture overhaul!

ATHUB 4.1 is needed for clock-gating / power management features, LSDMA 7.0 is the latest IP for Light SDMA for general purpose System DMA (SDMA) on the GPU, IH 7.0 for the Interrupt Handler on the GPU, and HDP 7.0 for the Host Data Path support for CPU accessing the GPU device memory via the PCI BAR. – Michael Larabel, Phoronix

Mid 2024 is the expected merge window for Linux 6.9. For now, we don’t know if this is when AMD will have launched or developed any new graphics product (whether it be for laptops, desktops, or anything else) built with the latest next-gen RDNA 4 graphics architecture.

What are your thoughts on initial RDNA 4 enablement through Linux patches? When do you think AMD will release the new generation graphics architecture? Let us know in the comments below.

SOURCE Phoronix
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