Exponential AI Growth Could Amplify Cybercrime & Security Threats: Report

Artificial Intelligence

Rapid advancements in artificial intelligence could end up being a threat to the mankind. Well, this isn’t the first time we have heard that right? Elon Musk himself has warned about it a couple of times. However, a new report suggests that AI advancements could lead to increased and more sophisticated cyber attacks and assaults on the world’s physical infrastructure.

The authors of a new report called The Malicious Use of Artificial Intelligence have warned that if AI continues to advance at the current pace, the technology will soon become so powerful that would gain a tactical advantage over many of the current defense mechanisms built in today’s world.

10 Examples of Artificial Intelligence You are Using in Daily LifeThe report says, “As AI capabilities become more powerful and widespread, we expect the growing use of AI systems to lead to the expansion of existing threats, the introduction of new threats and a change to the typical character of threats.

The authors also put forth an argument that researchers need to consider potential misuse of AI far earlier than they do at present. Furthermore, the report also warns that drones and driverless cars could be used as weapons where malicious AI could be used to organize swarms of robots. It is indeed quite alarming considering the fact that companies like Uber are already planning to introduce self-driving and flying cars in the near future.

There are a lot of other arguments in the report, and we suggest you give it a good read. It is quite shocking to read such reports since we use AI extensively in our day-to-day life, sometimes, even without knowing it.  However, it concludes by saying that AI is the best defense against rogue AI, and the researchers should do more work to achieve the right balance so future generations are not left to deal with a robot apocalypse.

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