Adobe Teases New AI-Based Object Selection Tool for Photoshop

adobe photoshop object selection tool

Adobe introduced the Select Subject tool to easily select the object in an image with a single click last year. While the feature helped Photoshop users fasten their workflow, it did not allow users to choose the subjects they needed. Well, Adobe has teased its latest AI-powered ‘Object Selection’ tool which aims to fix the same.

With the Object Selection tool, users will be seamlessly able interact with multiple objects present in the image. Cool, right? The feature will be available in the toolbar along with the Quick Selection Tool and Magic Wand Tool.

To use the feature, you will have to simply choose it from the toolbar and draw a rectangle over your intended subjects. The AI will do the rest of the work for you and will provide you with the selected objects.

You can also select a part of the subject to make changes in that particular area. For instance, Adobe demonstrates how the AI manages to select just the hat of the lady without affecting other portions of the image.

The objects detected by the AI can be deselected as well by clicking and dragging over the object. For subtracting a selection even more seamlessly, one can make use of the Lasso selection mode instead of Rectangle for making minute changes.

Adobe has made the object selection tool available in the Select and Mask workspace as well. The company has no word as of now regarding when this tool will be available but we will be keeping an eye out on it.

While these AI-based features being introduced by Adobe in every update can’t be a replacement for “Pro Photoshopping skills” right off the bat, it will indeed help graphic designers and Photoshop experts speed up their tasks. Also, the AI will be gradually getting more efficient as it keeps learning from user interactions.

So, do you like this new object selection tool? Tell us in the comments.

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