91 Locker for Android: Personalize Your Lock Screen

The lock screen on Android has gone through a lot of changes over the years. While we like the lock screen Google offers on stock Android, it lacks any customization options. Well, that’s where the third party lock screen apps come into play. Well, one such great app is 91 Locker.

The app is available for free on the Play Store and lets you create your very own personalized lock screen. Sounds cool? Well, let’s get into the details of the app.

Key Features

Before we get to the UI and usage of the 91 Locker app, let’s talk about its key features:

  • DIY Lock screen Templates

91 Locker brings a number of cool lock screen templates that you can use to create your personalized lock screen. You can customize the templates using photos of your friends and family. Actually, you can use any custom picture.


  • Unique Lock Styles

If you are bored of the same lock style in the stock Android lock screen, you will appreciate what 91 Locker has to offer. The app brings unique lock designs, which you can also personalize with pictures. There are different types of locks, like password, patterns, photo password etc. and you can customize them all.


  • Wallpaper Gallery

The lock screen app also brings a cool wallpaper gallery, which packs in a number of high quality lock screen wallpapers, which should do your Android smartphone’s display justice. The wallpapers are available in different categories like Beauty & Fashion, Nature, Cars, Animals, Sky etc.

91-lockscreen-wallpapersUser Interface

When it comes to the UI of the 91 Locker app, we quite like it. The app features three tabs at the bottom for Template, Wallpaper and Passcode. These tabs then feature individual tabs for various categories and sections. Also, the app features a hamburger menu, which lets you jump to the app’s settings, give feedback, get help and more. The app is easy to navigate and it looks modern.


We especially like the fact that you can jump to different sections with a single tap. Also, the UI in the various pages like Template, Wallpaper etc. really showcase the various features in the app really well. Talking about the UI of the lock screen, it’s simple and clean, which is something we really appreciate when it comes to lock screens on Android.

Ease of Use

When you first install the 91 Locker app on Android, the app guides on how you can use the various features like shortcuts on the lock screen, templates etc. and that is a really nice touch. Overall, the app is simple to use and we quite like the performance the app offers.


The lock screen is quick to unlock and the various gestures from the lock screen work like a charm. Also, using the templates is a breeze, as it lets you pan and pinch on the pictures you add, to make sure it all looks perfect. The only thing that many people would dislike is the inclusion of app recommendations in the tools shortcut in the lock screen. Another thing that we miss is the ability to launch apps from the lock screen.

To sum things up, if you have had bad experiences in the past when it comes to lock screen apps, 91 Locker will surprise you with its performance and user experience.


  • Fluid performance
  • Cool customization features
  • Handy additional tools


  • App recommendations
  • No app shortcuts from the lock screen

91 Locker: Beautiful Lock Screens with Swift Performance

We were pretty skeptic when we first started using the 91 Locker app, as not all the lock screen apps are good enough. Thankfully, the 91 Locker is a great offering and along with its personalization options, the app offers smooth performance, which is really impressive. Well, those were our thoughts on the 91 Locker app, but we’d love to hear from you. So, sound off your thoughts about 91 Locker in the comments section below.

Install 91 Locker for Android (free)

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