Can a 7 inch Tablet Replace Your Mobile Phone?

Can a 7 inch Tablet Replace Your Mobile Phone?
7 inch Tablet Vs Mobile Phone

I generally do not share my encounters with the day-to-day technology with my readers on any of my blogs, but this one question is one of those that I wanted to get a mass opinion on. I recently bought a brand new Android Tab (with every latest feature you can think of including the calling one) and as anyone of us will do, I started comparing it with my old Android phone. All of us have already read about all those features coming in Android phones and tablets in this blog and elsewhere so we will not talk about those and simply try to find an answer to the question if ‘Tablets can really replace your mobile phone’.

7 inch Tablet Vs Smartphone, Here’s a comparison on the basis of their day to day usage,

Wire Me Tablet

Have you ever seen anyone sticking a 7 inch tab to their face? No? Sad for you, because you have missed to see the Stupidity Level 55 of the mankind. Before I bought myself a tablet, I had seen a couple of guys in my office sticking their tabs to their faces. I always used to wonder why do they do this? Is this some kind of a custom you have to adopt when you buy a tab. BUT what else can you do when you get a call on your tab and you are not carrying your microphone along with you? This means that you always have to carry your earphones along if you are going to use a tablet as a phone else you are going to have a hard time receiving calls in public.

Now, when I am talking about hands-free microphones, I am including both – regular wired ones (that come within the box when you buy a new phone) and the Bluetooth devices. The reason I will not used the wired ones is the fact that when these will be plugged in, you will lose a bit of speed while working (thanks to the wire-trap), and if you decide to put the earphones in your pocket most likely what will happen is that when you get a call, you will first have to solve the entangled wire puzzle made by your pocket, plug-in the earphones in your tab and accept the call if its still on. Now if you plan to use Bluetooth hands-free, you will either have to plug them in your ears continuously or keep them in your pocket until you get a call. I keep my Bluetooth device in my pocket and whenever I get a call, I plug it in my ear and let the words of wisdom flow from my mouth (winks). The problem with keeping the Bluetooth device plugged-in in your ear constantly is that that after a few hours they make you feel uncomfortable and you just want to get rid of it and enjoy the sounds of the nature once again. But in case you are the one that feels comfortable with them and wishes to look a bit more sophisticated, these are for you!

Professional Matters

Another reason that tablet phone thing did not work for me is the fact that my Job requires me to make quick moves and run here and there frequently. I am an engineer (big grin) and I have to sometimes run on unmanned machines when they break. Now, such big a phone undoubtedly decreases my productivity in this specific field of my job. Since many people work under my supervision, it is my responsibility to make sure nothing happens to them while they are working. Now if I am using my tablet and something goes wrong, I just cant run to the troubled area unless I have kept my tablet at a safe place (7″ tablet will not fit in your pocket as your phone does). If I had my phone, I would have simply slipped it in my pocket and ran quickly to the accident spot and saved a lot of time. While this is a  personal problem, the aim of discussing this was the fact that some of our readers might have the same kind of a job where they need to run and move quickly and so they should know if tabs will really work for them.

Cool and Classy

Tablets are eyeball grabbers. These are like the big muscle guys with the tattoos – love them or hate them but you wont ever fail to notice them. I have been carrying my tablet to every party and place I have been to and it acts like a magnet pulling every person to you. While majority of the people think that tabs are cool, we have a class of haters (who gonna hate anyway) who think tablets are stupid. For me, this sweet gadget has been a real good ice breaker and conversation starter. People find it classy and the way you carry your tab decides how sophisticated you are going to look.


Honestly, I love my tab and I just love the concept of a tablet but can they really replace my phone? In a single word, NO (a little on the YES side but largely NO). They are not as handy as a phone and demand much more care than my phone. But since I know how much attention this sweet piece of technology grabs, I make sure that it replaces my phone in parties and meetings.

Did I tell you that you have to hold the tablet in your hand all the time because it will never fit in your pocket? Consider this fact before coming to the conclusion if a tab replace your mobile phone or not!


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