OnePlus CEO Reveals Why OxygenOS Doesn't Have Ads

5 New Features Coming Soon to OxygenOS

OnePlus CEO Reveals Why OxygenOS Doesn't Have Ads

OnePlus has confirmed five new adopted features from the community that will be making their way to OxygenOS. As you might be already aware, Always-on Display (AOD) is one of them.

The announcement was made on OnePlus Forums by global community manager Trista W. In the post, she announced the features that are currently included in OxygenOS’ roadmap and also revealed the ideas that got rejected and won’t be part of OxygenOS in the near future.

For everyone waiting for Always-on Display on OnePlus phones, the key takeaway is that the development will be finished around June and the feature will enter closed/open beta testing sometime in August or September. OnePlus previously announced that the feature passed its initial battery power consumption tests. Below is the list of all adopted features:

  • Always on Display – development to be finished around June, CBT/OBT coming in Aug/Sep [subject to changes, there are various factors working]
  • Enable fingerprint lock for hidden pictures in gallery – included in the roadmap
  • Play sound when the battery is fully charged – included in the roadmap
  • Folders within the app drawer -included in the roadmap
  • Adding more essential features to Zen Mode – included in the roadmap

As I mentioned earlier, the company has also listed the features that it thinks are not the highest priority at this moment, which includes a potential Samsung Dex alternative. You may take a look at the other rejected features below.

  • Edge notification light
  • OnePlus Dex
  • Call recording
  • Google message for the stock SMS/RCS app
  • Study mode
  • API support for Gcam
  • Improve the adaptive brightness
  • Custom fingerprint animations
  • Real-time weather wallpaper
  • Real One Hand Mode
  • AMOLED dark
  • Boost capabilities of the alert slider
  • An option to set battery charging limit to 80%
  • Variable charging speed
  • Allow users to choose which stock apps to install during set-up

OnePlus has not revealed the exact timeline for all the accepted features but we could expect them to be added gradually in the upcoming beta updates, followed by integration in the stable version of Oxygen OS.

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