5 Fabulous Application Developers For iPhone

Tech giants like Apple, Google and Microsoft take the assistance of a number of external sources to enhance their products. In this case, application developers play a prime role. Applications come in various forms to make a device multi-functional and entertaining. Application developers use stunning forms of technology to make them appealing. There are a number of application development companies who provide apps for Apple’s iPhone. Read along to know about some the most wonderful app developers for iPhone.

Best app developers for iPhone

Given below are descriptions of the best application developers for iPhone:

1.) Mobile Age – Developer of the immensely popular game Shanghai Mahjong, Mobile Age is one of the top app developers for iPhone. Shanghai Mahjong is a stunning game where players have to look for 2 pairs of tiles with matching images. This game is extremely gripping and have won several accolades. Another popular game made by this application developing company is Blackjack 21. It is a card game with high quality graphics. The developers use high-end technology to deliver fabulous products.

2.) Pandora Media – Pandora Media is known for developing the superb application Pandora Radio. Pandora Radio is a personalized radio which plays music in accordance to one’s liking. Pandora will formulate a personalized station just after an user starts with any of his favorite song, artist etc. The paid version of this radio that is known as Pandora One, enables one to listen to music without any interference from advertisements.

3.) Demiforce – Demiforce is the company which offered the highly praised puzzle game Trism. The game has won several awards and its developer Steve Demeter instantly rose to fame by developing this fascinating game. The game fully utilizes Apple’s accelerometer features and touchscreen display. The game can be played in several modes and includes multiple levels.

4.) Ambrosia Software – Ambrosia Software has developed several interesting games for iPhone. One of their most wonderful offering is Mr. Sudoku which is an enhancement of the classic game Sudoko. Players can draw numbers right on their phone’s screen while playing this game. Other famous games from this company includes Mondo Solitaire and Aki Mahjong. Ambrosia Software is one of the most popular application developing company for Apple products.

5.) Apalon – Apalon is another application developing company which has offered multiple applications for iPhone. One of their most famed offering is Pimp Your Screen. This application enables one to customize his iPhone by using several backgrounds, app shelves, icon skins etc. Not only the home screen, but also the lock screen can be customized. Other products from this company includes Weather Live, Dream Home, Eye Illusions etc.

The applications for iPhone make the phone even more alluring by using marvelous forms of technology. There is a huge number of developers who provide applications for iPhone. Some of the very best has been described in this article.

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