Zenless Zone Zero: Attribute, Anomaly & Specialty Explained

In Short
  • There are 5 attack elements in Zenless Zone Zero, called Attributes, which inflicts their respective Anomaly Debuffs on enemies.
  • Every Agent has a specialty, which dictates their team role and use in combat. Agents can only equip W-Engines from the same Specialty as themselves.
  • Anomaly buildups occur when agents hit enemies with different Attribute attacks.

Zenless Zone Zero has finally released, and like all gacha games, the Agents or characters are the main showcase of the game. Each Agent in the ZZZ has an attribute and a specialty, which dictates their playstyle, and the Drive Discs and W-Engines you should equip on them. Here is a complete guide on what Attribute, Anomaly, and Specialty are in Zenless Zone Zero.

Zenless Zone Zero Agent Attributes and Anomaly

Image Courtesy: In-game Screenshot

Every agent in the game has a different element type, like Ice, Fire, or Physical. These elements are called Attributes in Zenless Zone Zero. There are five different attributes in Zenless Zone Zero — Ice, Fire, Ether, Physical, and Electric.

When agents deal attribute damage to enemies, they can inflict Anomaly debuff depending on the attribute type. For example, hitting enemies with Electric attacks can inflict a Shock Anomaly. Every Attribute Anomaly works differently, like Ice inflicts Shatter, while Physical buildup inflicts Assault. Also, inflicting two Anomalies at the same time on enemies can trigger the Disrupt Anomaly effect. The Anomaly Buildup can be seen on the right side of the enemy health bar.

Image Courtesy: In-game Screenshot

Here are all the Anomaly Debuffs and their Attributes:

  • Shatter: Ice Buildup
  • Assault: Physical Buildup
  • Burn: Fire Buildup
  • Shock: Electric Buildup
  • Corruption: Ether Buildup
  • Disrupt: Two Anomalies at the same time

All characters can build the Attribute Anomaly, but some characters are more proficient in it and deal increased damage. The Agent’s Anomaly damage increases with Anomaly Mastery stat and the Anomaly Buildup increases with the Anomaly Proficiency stat.

Zenless Zone Zero Agent Specialties

Image Courtesy: In-game Screenshot

Other than the Attribute type, every Agent also has a specialty. The Agent’s Specialty dictates their playstyle and team role. There are 5 Agent Specialties at the launch of the game:

  • Attack: Skilled at dealing massive damage.
  • Stun: Skilled at accumulating Daze to quickly stun enemies.
  • Support: Provides buffs and improves the squad’s combat efficiency.
  • Anomaly: Skilled at accumulating Anomaly Buildup and triggering Attribute Anomalies.
  • Defense: Skilled at counterattacks and has strong survivability.

Agents can only equip W-Engines of the same Specialty. For example, Stun Agents can only equip Stun W-Engines. Building a team around synergized specialty agents is the best way to ease the hardest combat challenges in the game.

So, that’s it. If you have any further questions or doubts about Anomalies, Attributes, or Agent Specialty, ask us in the comment section and we will try to help you out.

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