YouTube Won’t Make Video Suggestions If This Feature Is Disabled

YouTube to stop recommending videos if watch history is disabled

YouTube is known to test and introduce new features from time to time. Recently, we saw the platform test out the ability to deliver AI-generated video summaries and the ability to let you create YouTube Shorts out of Shorts comments. And now, there are some changes to YouTube’s watch history. Continue reading to know how.

Changes In Recommendations On YouTube

Google via the YouTube Help page has officially announced that starting today, if you have toggled your watch history off, YouTube will no longer suggest related videos and content on the platform. This means that with watch history disabled, the videos that will appear on your home screen will bear zero resemblance to your viewing patterns.

With this new change, YouTube wants to let you know how the platform actually uses your watch history data and also the fact that your decision to not share your watch details with YouTube is actually acknowledged and delivered upon. So, from now on, if your watch history is turned off, no matter if you are on Android, iOS, or the web, your home feed will be more streamlined, giving you access to a variety of content and topics to explore and choose from.

The support page states that this feature will hugely benefit “those of you who prefer to search rather than browse recommendations.”  With that being said, the support page mentions that the platform will take its time to make this feature live globally.

You can expect this to happen in the next few months. Once live, we will let you know how this feature fares. And if you are able to see this feature in action before us, make sure to comment down your thoughts in the comment section below.

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