One of the biggest video and content streaming websites in the world, YouTube is now adding a new feature to its mobile app to improve the cast features offered by the service. According to a report from SmartDroid (via 9to5Google), the YouTube app on Android has changed the cast menu when casting videos from an Android phone to a smart TV such as Fire TV stick.

Earlier, when one would cast content from the YouTube app, the app would simply show up volume controls and the artwork for the media along with a “Stop Streaming” button at the bottom. Now, according to screenshots shared by SmartDroid, there are options for voice control, along with a TV remote button as well. Tapping on the TV remote button opens up a remote UI so you can use your smartphone as a remote control for YouTube TV complete with a D-pad, a back button, and a microphone button for voice control.

Cast Menu old (left) vs new (middle, right)
Image courtesy: SmartDroid

The change was spotted in YouTube app version 14.50.53, but it could be a server-side update as well. It’s also currently unclear if the change is rolling out globally, or even to a wide user-base in Germany. You can still check for it by updating your YouTube app, and if you get the new cast interface with voice control and TV remote functionality, let us know in the comments below.

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