YouTube Starts Testing TikTok-like 15-Second Multi-Segment Videos

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YouTube is already rumored to be working on its TikTok rival called Shorts. Now, the video streaming giant seems to have the first step towards making its short video rival. As per YouTube’s experiments support page, the company has started testing a feature that will enable users to record 15-second multi-segment videos.

What do we mean by multi-segment videos? If you have ever used TikTok, you would know that you’ll need to press and hold the record button to create a video. You can release the button to stop recording at any time. Now, if you haven’t recorded 15-seconds of video then you can again tap the record button to continue capturing more video. You can repeat this process and record multiple segments until you have a polished 15-second clip.

You must have seen jump-cuts in TikTok videos or Instagram Reels, which is a TikTok clone with the same 15-second video length. It’s made possible via this multi-segment recording feature. YouTube is now also making this feature available within its mobile app. It will combine the multiple segments and upload the video as a single clip.

How to test out the multi-segment video feature? If you are lucky enough to get access to this experimental feature, you will see a new ‘create a video’ option under the video upload section within the YouTube mobile app. It will sit next to the existing ‘Record’ and ‘Go Live’ buttons.

To record a video clip, the support page reiterates that you need to “tap or hold the record button to record your first clip, then tap again or release the button to stop recording that clip.” It will be interesting to see if Google bakes fresh video editing tools and makes its music library available for use with this feature.

The multi-segment record feature will be available to a limited set of YouTube creators at the moment. “We’re starting these experiments on mobile (both Android and iOS) with a small group of people while we gather feedback,” states the support page. I’m using a Youtube beta build but sadly, I ain’t one of the lucky users to receive this test feature.

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