YouTube Testing New Feature to See Specific Video Moments

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YouTube is often seen testing new features and is now testing a new one. This will allow you to easily look for specific moments in a video without any hassle. The feature is being tested for YouTube Premium users. Here’s what this is all about.

New YouTube Feature in Testing

The new YouTube feature will help people look at every moment of a video frame-by-frame, allowing you to skip to the part you need to focus on. Currently, the seek bar on a video does provide a glimpse of the content that entails but tapping any frame won’t necessarily take you to the desired part of the video.

The new feature, on the other hand, tries to simplify this process. Those who are YouTube Premium members will now find a red dot on the progress bar of a video and you can swipe it to see the videos moments in the form of thumbnails.

You can either drag the red dot or swipe through the thumbnails to look for the exact video moment you want to watch. You can then play the video again to see exactly that. Anmol from our team was able to access the new feature and here’s a look at the feature in action.

This new feature will be helpful in situations when you need to focus on a specific part without the need for scrolling through multiple timestamps, which can be a hassle. Plus, taking screenshots will now become much easier and content creators would agree with me!

The feature is currently available to try out until July 27 and YouTube is also asking for feedback. Hence, we don’t know when exactly it will be available for all. We shall let you know once more details are out. Hence, stay tuned and do tell us whether or not you like the new YouTube feature in the comments below.

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