YouTube Will Now Add a Watermark to Shared Shorts

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YouTube’s TikTok and Instagram Reels counterpart, Shorts has now gained a new feature, which will result in the addition of a watermark when the short-form videos are downloaded. This will be another way for the video platform to promote Shorts.

YouTube Shorts Will Now Have a Watermark

Whenever a creator will download a Shorts video from YouTube Studio mainly for the purpose of resharing it on other platforms, there will be now a watermark on the video. YouTube says that this will help others “see that the content you’re sharing across platforms can be found on YouTube Shorts.

This change can help YouTube garner more people (even those who still don’t about YouTube Shorts) to Shorts, thus, helping it expand its userbase.

The functionality will be introduced in the coming weeks and will add a watermark to YouTube Shorts downloaded on the Desktop. It is confirmed to reach mobile users but this will happen in the coming weeks.

For people to consume as many Shorts videos as possible, YouTube also rolled out the Shorts Shelf recently. This section resides under the Subscriptions tab and will help creators differentiate between their YouTube videos and Shorts while helping users easily discover Shorts videos.

YouTube also introduced the ability for creators to take a portion of a long-form video and convert it into Shorts, which is another way of encouraging people to make more Shorts and help people watch more Shorts.

Since the Google-owned video streaming platform is banking high on the short video format, we expect more features to come our way in the near future. We will be sure to give you all the updates. Stay tuned and meanwhile, do share your thoughts about watermarked YouTube Shorts in the comments below.

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