YouTube Ads are Going Haywire and No One Knows Why

youtube ads are going haywire

YouTube is a behemoth when it comes to ad revenue. The company announced YouTube ad revenues for the first time this year and it was eye-opening. YouTube made a whopping $15.1 billion in ad revenue during FY 2019-2020.

However, of late, YouTube’s advertisements have been woefully bad. A number of threads on Reddit have been pointing out that YouTube India is showing some increasingly weird ads. These are mostly ads that are outright clickbait. In the last hour or so of randomly refreshing the YouTube iOS app, I have been served with ads about earning diamonds for Free Fire (a game I have never played), and getting free booking for a JioPhone 3. That one was more hilarious than annoying because the video thumbnail clearly has another famous Android phone (no points for guessing which) with a JIO branding Photoshopped on it.

YouTube Ads are Going Haywire and No One Knows Why

Based on this thread on Reddit, users have seen ads that are irritating and bad to look at. And they’ve also seen ads that are just downright weird (see screenshots below).

YouTube Ads are Going Haywire and No One Knows Why
Screenshots: Reddit

Our own team has also reported seeing a number of extraordinarily bad ads. These are the kind of ads that shouldn’t be on YouTube, because they are either clickbait or scams for the most part.

YouTube Ads are Going Haywire and No One Knows Why

Also, I tried using the ‘Why This Ad’ feature in YouTube to figure out why the platform was serving me these ads. YouTube says I have turned off personalised ads on YouTube so these ads are just based on my location and the time of the day. That sounds plausible, but I never turned off personalised ads on YouTube. In fact, if I go and check, personalised ads are enabled on my Google account. So, either Google thinks I am really interested in knowing how to run PUBG Mobile in Pakistan via a VPN, or there’s something wrong with YouTube’s ad serving system here. I would think the latter.

YouTube Ads are Going Haywire and No One Knows Why

Hopefully this gets fixed soon, because I am annoyed with these ads. I can’t believe I’m saying this, but I’d rather see ads from smartphone brands and Netflix once again.

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  • Nitin Yadav says:

    YouTube ads are kinda irritating, especially when they are not skipable. I think these ads should be reported for action.

  • aadarsh says:

    i tried everything to stop seeing this ads but…still these ads are there …very irritating

  • Ayaan says:

    I guess they would not want to do that because a part of their revenue comes from YouTube Ads…

  • Pratik says:

    Today it is finally fixed…i am getting ads from oppo now which is much better

  • Venkat Chavan says:

    These ads
    Should report one by one
    It is hell using YouTube these days

  • Simba says:

    Absolutely! And I thought why was no one TALKING about this!!!!
    I am tired of clicking on “stop seeing this ad” every single time!

  • Aniket Verma says:

    and my father came to me this morning saying that everyone is getting jio phone 3 so register for it on my behalf.

  • Suraj agrawal says:

    Same problem I’m facing from past few week!
    It’s great beebom acknowledged the problem!!
    I was just a bit worry as I thought it might be only in my device!
    Fix soon YouTube!!!:(

  • Ajay says:

    Dear beebom why dont you make a video on youtube ad blocker for android

    • aadarsh says:

      use vanced utube

  • Karanmevada says:

    This kind of ad show me in my youtube page
    And my mobile also watch my mom and dad
    So i recently purchased youtube premium
    Because who want to be watch this type of bad ads..
    Youtube will be improved his self to do not bring this type of ad to other

  • Jay says:

    I’m facing same prblm for last several days…i jst don’t want to open yt because of that. It’s very annoying somehow.

  • Aakash says:

    really i am sick of these ads. exactly same thing happening with me.

  • tinkytops says:

    Maybe this what Youtube wants to hear us say out loud “I’d rather see ads from smartpone brands and Netflix once again.”

  • Kumar says:

    These are not based on locations even I’m getting these ads
    This is happening probably because companies have stopped investing on ads. Mostly it were Chinese mobile companies which paid for ads now these idiots are paying for ads

  • Ahsan Aamir says:

    Same thing is happening here in Pakistan also

  • Sagar V Chennor says:

    Yes I’m to experience the same , YouTube ads are becoming worst

  • Akhil J says:

    For the past few days I was annoyed by this. I even ended up creating a new account and tried using that in YouTube, which also seemed not to work. Sad to see such an interesting platform filled with such spammy content and that too being pushed as advertisements. Hope YouTube team fixes this. Thank you Beebom for letting me know, that its not just me who is having the issue.

    • Jay says:

      Same here brother… it’s Very annoying.

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