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How to Block a YouTube Channel

YouTube is the world’s most popular video sharing website. While this means that you’ll undoubtedly find almost everything on YouTube, it also means that you’ll inevitably find things that you don’t want to see. Since YouTube automatically recommends videos based on your search history, and the videos you’ve seen before, it can start showing ads, and getting revenue for its own self – which is fine. However, I’d rather not see recommendations about channels I may be interested in. So, if you want to block YouTube channels from ever showing up in your YouTube homepage, here’s how to block a YouTube channel:

How to Block a YouTube Channel from Commenting on Your Videos

If you’re constantly annoyed by a YouTube channel posting comments on your videos, you can easily block them. YouTube includes a feature to block a user, or a channel from commenting on your videos, and it’s really quite straight-forward.

NoteThis only blocks a YouTube channel (or a user) from commenting on your videos. Their videos may still appear on your home page.

1. How to Block a YouTube Channel in Chrome

To block a YouTube channel (or a user) from commenting on your videos, simply follow the steps below:

  • In YouTube, search for the channel (or user) that you’d like to block from commenting on your videos. Open their channel, click on “About”, and then click on the “flag” button.

click on about and then flag button

  • Here, click on “Block User“.

block user

  • In the pop-up box that comes up, click on “Submit”.

click submit

The YouTube channel (or user) that you just blocked, will not be able to comment on your videos, anymore. However, you might still see their videos in your recommendations. Let’s see how to block a YouTube channel completely, in the next section.

2. How to Block a YouTube Channel in Android and iOS Devices

The YouTube mobile app also has the option where you can block a YouTube channel, or user, such that they’ll not be able to comment on any of your videos. Here’s how to do it:

  • Launch the YouTube mobile app, and search for the YouTube channel (or user) you want to block. Tap on their channel to open it up in the YouTube mobile app.

search for channel and open in app

  • Here, tap on the three dots on the top right corner, and then tap on “Block User“. In the alert dialog that pops up, tap on “Block”.

block channel youtube mobile

The YouTube channel will now be blocked on your mobile app, and won’t be able to comment on any of your videos, or contact you via a private message.

How to Block a YouTube Channel

If you want to block a YouTube channel completely, such that their videos aren’t recommended to you (or even show up in search results), you can use a handy Chrome extension called “Video Blocker”. Once you’ve installed the extension, just follow the steps below, in order to block a YouTube channel completely:

  • Go to YouTube, and search for the channel you want to block.

search for channel to block

  • Right-click on any of the videos from the channel, and select “Block Videos from this Channel“, in the context menu that pops up.

block videos from this channel

  • All of the videos from that channel will be blocked immediately.

How to Block Multiple YouTube Channels

If there are a number of YouTube channels that you want to block, and you don’t want to go through the process for each one of them, you can create a JSON file, and import it into Video Blocker. For example, if I wanted to block channels with the name “Channel One”, “Channel Two”, and “Channel Three”, these are the steps I’d follow:

  • Open up your favorite Text Editor. On a Mac, I prefer using Sublime Text. Create a new file, and add all the YouTube channels you want to block in the following format:
    [{“key”:”channelname”,”type”:”channel”},{“key”:”channelname”,”type”:”channel”}, {“key”:”channelname”, “type”:channel”}] So, in my case, the JSON file will read:
    [{“key”:”Channel One”, “type”:”channel”}, {“key”:”Channel Two”, “type”:”channel”}, {“key”:”Channel Three”, “type”:”channel”}]

new json file

  • Save the file with the extension “.json”.

save as json file

  • Then, click on the Video Blocker icon in Chrome, and switch to the “Import” tab.

switch to import tab

  • Here, locate the JSON file you created, select it, and click on “Open”.

add file

  • The channels will automatically be added into Video Blocker.

channels added to list

How to Unblock a YouTube Channel

If you blocked a YouTube channel using the “Video Blocker” Chrome extension, and you want to unblock it, simply follow the steps given below:

  • Click on the “Video Blocker” icon in Chrome. You will be able to see all the channels that you’ve blocked.

channels added to list

  • Click on the red cross next to the channels you want to unblock.

click red cross

  • The channel will be unblocked, and you will be able to see their videos, again. However, you will have to reload the YouTube website, in order for the changes to show up.

The channels you removed from “Video Blocker” will now be unblocked on YouTube, and their videos will be made available to you again.

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Easily Block YouTube Channels You Don’t Like

The Video Blocker Chrome extension has had a great track record of keeping up with changes made to YouTube, in order to ensure that your blocked channels remain blocked. Add that to the ease with which you can use this extension (it actually gets integrated into right-clicks made on YouTube), and you have a clear winning option for blocking YouTube channels. The extension even lets you export a JSON file of the blocked channels, so you can easily restore the list, in case you ever have to re-install the extension.

So, have you ever been so annoyed by the “Recommended” feed in YouTube, that you wanted to block some of the useless channels on there? How did you do it? Also, if you know of any other way to block YouTube channels, do let us know in the comments section below.



  1. Besides using youtube kids. Is there any way I can block a channel from the tablet and ipod apps similar to the chrome video blocker. I have managed to do this on the desktop but they use the tablets not the laptop.

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