5 Events from X-Men: Animated Series to Know Before Watching X-Men ’97

In Short
  • X-Men '97 is set to release on March 20, 2024, on Disney+ with a total of 10 episodes.
  • X-Men '97 will be a direct continuation of X-Men: The Animated Series released in 1992.
  • To understand the upcoming show fully, it is essential to know some events from the 1992 show like the origin of Mister Sinister, etc.

X-Men ’97 is all set to come out on March 20, 2024 on Disney+. The studio has already announced the X-Men ’97 episode titles and release schedule. As X-Men fans, we are excited about the upcoming series, which will essentially be a continuation of the X-Men: Animated Series. However, the problem is that its predecessor came back in 1992. Now of course watching the series with multiple seasons is quite a task, so, to help you guys out, we bring you 5 events from X-Men: Animated Series you should know before watching X-Men ’97.

1. Backstory Of Magneto (Season 1 Episode 3)

Events to know before watching X Men 97 (Backstory of Magneto)
Image Courtesy: IMDb

Looking at the trailer of X-Men 97, it is pretty evident that Magneto is going to play somewhat of a major role in the series. Now, watching the trailer we know that Magneto is the one who inherits all of Professor X’s school and all his fortune as per the Professor’s will. However, the question is why would he do that?

This episode revolves around how the drift between the friendship of Charles Xavier and Magneto came around. In this episode, we see that Magneto tries to break Beast out of prison but he refuses to go since it is illegal and a misuse of Magneto’s powers. We see Magneto snap and attack a military base to get the mutants together under him to stand against humans who don’t trust them.

The episode shows the complex dynamic of the frenemy relationship between Charles Xavier and Magneto in the series. This is where the ideological war between Magneto and Professor X begins.

2. Introduction of The Sentinels (Season 1 Episodes 1 & 2)

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The trailer for X-Men ’97 quite literally shows us the Sentinels in the first few minutes of it so, it is necessary to be aware of the previous feats the X-Men have had against the Mutant killing robots, making these two episodes one of the major events to know before you watch X-Men ’97.

Sentinels made their very first appearance in the first two episodes of the series. In the first episode of season one, we see a young mutant who has not yet accepted the fact that she is indeed a mutant. Soon enough, giant robots called Sentinels, built to hunt down mutants show up trying to kill her and that’s when the X-Men step in to save her. In the second episode, we get to see how deadly these Sentinels can be when one of them kills Morph and gets Beast captured by the government.

3. Nightcrawler’s Appearance (Season 3 Episode 18)

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If there is one Mutant who I feel was underutilized in X-Men: The Animated Series, it’s Nightcrawler. In the entirety of the series, there are only two instances where we get to see him on screen.

Nightcrawler made his first appearance in season 3 episode 18. He is introduced as a brother of the Abbot or basically, a priest. Even though he looks like a demon he is a hero and is a man of god. Talking about his origin, he tells the X-Men that he was abandoned by his mother at birth, and in a mindblowing twist, it is later revealed that he is the son of Mystique.

However, even though we did not get to see him in the trailer, Marvel has confirmed that he will be a part of the X-Men ’97 show. So, to be prepared with everything you need to know about this teleporting mutant, you should visit this episode before you dive into X-Men ’97.

4. Origin of Mister Sinister (Season 2 Episodes 1 and 2)

Image Courtesy: Villains Wiki Fandom

In a report by The Direct, we got to know that Mister Sinister is going to be the main villain of X-Men ’97. In the X-Men: 60 Uncanny Years Live Virtual Event, we got a statement from the X-Men ’97 writer Beau DeMayo where he said-

A very, very, very, very favorite character of mine and many others, Mr. Sinister, will rear his ugly head from the past with a pretty foolproof plan to destroy the X-Men once and for all.”Beau DeMayo A very, very, very, very favorite character of mine and many others, Mr. Sinister, will rear his ugly head from the past with a pretty foolproof plan to destroy the X-Men once and for all.”

According to him, the first season of X-Men ’97 will feature Mister Sinister as the main villain and will be once again voiced by Christopher Britton. Mister Sinister made his first appearance in Season 2 Episodes 1 and 2. Mister Sinister made his appearance in Episode 1 where it was revealed that the X-Men left behind Morph believing him to be dead, after the attack on the military base.

However, Morph was not dead and was taken by Mister Sinister and brainwashed into hating the X-Men. In the second episode, we see that Mister Sinister has an unusual interest in Cyclops and Jean Grey leading him to abduct them.

5. Days of Future Past (Season 1 Episodes 11 & 12)

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Most of us know about the Days of Future Past storyline from the 2014 movie. However, there this story made its first appearance back in 1992 with the X-Men: Animated Series. These two episodes feature a dystopian future where Sentinels have killed off a huge majority of mutants and one of the remaining heroes, in the movie, Wolverine, goes back in time and prevents the Sentinels from even being made.

In the comic storyline, Kitty Pride is the one who travels back in time but in the animated series, Bishop is sent back in time to prevent Sentinels from being ever made. The Days of Future Past is a major event in the X-Men: Animated Series franchise. The event also helps you understand why Sentinels appearing in the X-Men ’97 series are such a huge threat to the X-Men.

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