New Leak Reveals Wuthering Waves Release Date on Epic Games Store

Wuthering Waves
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In Short
  • Wuthering Waves has been registered on Epic Games Store with a release date marked sometime in 2024.
  • The game was initially marked to release on May 30th on Epic Games Store, which was later changed to only 2024.
  • The Wuthering Waves community is unsure about the release date, as many consider the game still requires many touch-ups to its systems.

Wuthering Waves is an upcoming Gacha RPG with phenomenal combat, and the game is currently undergoing its 2nd closed beta. The players have been anticipating the game’s release for a long time, and we might finally be near a full release date. Yesterday, the game was registered on the Epic Games Store and marked as Available in 2024. However, Reddit users noted that the game was marked with a release date when it was first added to the Epic Games Store.

Wuthering Waves leaked release date
Image Courtesy: Reddit

A reddit post revealed that Wuthering Waves was initially marked with a release date of May 30, 2024, in the Epic Games Store. If it’s true, then the release date is much sooner than the Wuthering Waves community expected it to be.

I personally assumed the game would be released in the 3rd or 4th quarter of 2024 if they did release it this year. The game overhauled a big chunk of the content between the first closed beta test and the current 2nd closed beta test. However, it still needed a bit of touch-up to the main story and exploration, and some of the game mechanics still demand a bit more balancing.

Wuthering Waves cbt2 Distribution Starts
Image Courtesy: Kuro Games

With such less time for the leaked release date, Wuthering Waves players are unsure what to make of it. In my opinion, I think now is the best time to release the game, especially with Genshin Impact slowly losing its popularity and Wuthering Waves getting really good traction with the CBT2.

The game overall is perfectly playable, and the combat is good enough to hook many new players. The little touch-up needed can be done with updates after the release, like many live service games do. If the game takes any longer to release, it might lose the hype it has nurtured with the CBT2 release.

Wuthering Waves Concerto Skills and Effects
Image Courtesy: Kuro Games/YouTube (Edited by Sanmay Chakrabarti)

Also, Kuro Games are known for listening to community feedback, so I have faith in them to implement the required changes after the release of the game. So, what’s your take on the early release date of Wuthering Waves? Share your opinion on this entire matter in the comment section below.

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