This is the World’s First “Smart” Mask That Connects to Your Smartphone

C-mask feat.

Since the rise of the Coronavirus, face masks have become an essential add-on to our everyday attire. We have seen a lot of different kinds of face masks pop-up in the consumer market. You have the over-protective BioVYZR, the self-sterilizing “Leaf” mask, and the mask that shows our lip movement. However, none of these masks can connect to our smartphones and translate languages. Well, now we have the “C-Mask” that can do both.

Developed by a Japanese robotics startup, Donut Robotics, the “C-Mask” is the world’s first “smart mask” that can connect to smartphones while it protects users from the Novel Coronavirus. The “smart” mask can also translate the Japanese language into 8 different languages with the help of the company’s “C-Connect” app.

A Smart Wearable for Your Face

Now, the “C-Mask” looks just like any other regular face mask. However, there is a small power button at the top-right corner of the mask which users can press to turn on the mask.

After turning on, the mask uses Bluetooth technology to connect to a smartphone. Now, after a successful pairing of both the devices, the “C-mask” essentially becomes a smart wearable device with which users can perform various tasks that require a smartphone.

For starters, the mask can translate languages as I mentioned earlier. However, for additional translation services, you have to pay a monthly fee. Nonetheless, apart from the translation feature, the “C-Mask” can also take dictation, and even make phone calls from your device.

Another nifty feature of the mask lets you control the volume of your voice (translated or native) to cut-off the issue of muffled voice while wearing the mask. So, with the “C-Mask” on, you can rest assured that your voice will sound crystal clear on the phone even when you’re wearing the face mask.

So, as these awesome features come with the “C-Mask”, the name of the mask comes from these very features. The company gave the name “C-Mask” for following the “five Cs” that this mask prioritizes — Connection with smartphones, clear voice, cool design, clean material, and combat against the Coronavirus.

The company aims to distribute the first 5,000 C-masks in Japan by September. Once done, the company will then take orders from European, American, and Chinese consumers.

Now, each C-Mask costs around 3,980 Yen (~$37) which roughly translates to Rs 2760. You can check out the “smart” mask on Donut Robotics’ official website.

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