New Windows 11 Insider Preview Build 23511 & 25915 Introduced

Windows 11 Developer Builds

Microsoft has treated its Developer Build and Canary Build users with new updates that are both significant and essential. While the Developer Channel brings forth some really interesting tweaks and betterment to the overall user experience, the Canary Channel is much more “under the hood” in terms of its improvements. Keep reading to know more.

Windows 11 Developer Channel Build 23511: Details

The major and most significant update has been pushed out in the form of Developer Channel build 23511. The first thing that you will notice is the visual overhaul of Windows Spotlight. There is now a single window that compresses all of the needed information. You will be able to preview images in full screen, have different to learn more about individual images, and have a new minimized window view. To launch Windows Spotlight, you can either right-click on the Spotlight icon on your desktop or double-click on it to directly get transported to a Bing landing page with all the relevant and necessary image details.

In terms of notifications, there is now a new Notification Bell icon that will provide you with a visual cue instead of telling you the number of notifications you have. It will follow your system accent color and will be filled when you have pending notifications, and will be empty when you don’t have any. Also, you will now receive a pop-up notification if in any case, your camera stops working in a situation where it shouldn’t. The pop-up window will help you follow the troubleshooting steps to fix the issue.

  • UI improvement to Windows Spotlight
  • New Notification Bell icon
  • Camera troubleshooting pop-up
  • Better Preview while hovering over Start Menu
  • Snap layout suggestions

This new update has also fixed the Snap Layout. A fix has been issued for situations where suggestions were getting turned off for the layout. You will be able to easily split the screen for multitasking, and with suggestions turned on, you will be able to precisely split your screen between several apps for maximized productivity.

For Windows 11 Pro and Enterprise users, this new build is bringing a much more comprehensive experience in previews while hovering over files such as Word documents, Excel sheets, and much more. This is only available under the Recommendations section. Other than that, there are several small changes and Microsoft has also pushed out several fixes and improvements to known issues. To learn more about what’s changed, visit the official Microsoft Dev Channel blog.

Windows 11 Canary Channel Build 25915: Details

Microsoft has also pushed out a Windows 11 update to its Canary Channel build in the form of 25915. Unlike its Dev Channel build update, the Canary Channel has not received any major or prominent feature update(s). All that has been introduced with the Dev Channel like the new Details Pane, improvement to Passkeys, new Taskbar features, and much more has just been imported onto this channel. The only feature update you will see in this build is that the new Outlook for Windows Preview has turned into an inbox app.

If you are on this Windows 11 build, you will now experience an improved refresh rate and Dynamic Refresh Rate Switching. You can also expect better network connectivity and stability while on Ethernet. Also, if you are using this build on an ASUS laptop and you experienced issues with your motherboard recently, this has been fixed too. Additionally, there have been a ton of fixes and improvements for developers as well. You can read more about this via the official Microsoft Canary Build blog.

If you are on the Developer Channel or the Canary Channel, update your Windows 11 laptop or PC to receive these new tweaks and improvements. Do share your experience with these new updates in the comment section below.

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