The Boys Season 4: Is Hughie’s Dad a Supe Now and What Powers He Could Have

The Boys Season 4 was not only rich in action but was also an emotional rollercoaster when it came to Hughie. When Hughie visited the hospital with the Compound V, he did not inject his father with the Compound and went to get coffee. However, when he came back, his dad woke up from his coma miraculously. So, did Hughie’s mom inject his dad with Compound V? And if she did, he’s a Supe now. You must be wondering what are the powers of Hughie’s dad. Well, I have an answer.

Yes, Hughie’s Mom Injected His Dad with Compound V

Yes, Hughie's Mom Injected His Dad With Compound V
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In The Boys Season 4 episode 4, when Hughie was contemplating if he should give his dad compound V or not, his mom saw it in his hands and he put it in his jacket pocket. When Hughie went to get coffee, leaving his jacket behind, it seemed that in a desperate attempt to save her husband, Hughie’s mom injected his dad with Compound V as we saw the color of his drip turn blue for a moment.

What Could be the Powers of Hughie’s Dad

Since Compound V brought Hughie’s dad back to health, there is a high possibility that he now has powers and now he is a supe. Now the big question is what could be the powers of Hughie’s dad? I have a theory for that. Back in The Boys Season 3, when Hughie took Temp V, he gained the power of teleportation and since he and his dad share the same DNA, there is a possibility that Compound V might have the same effect Temp V had on Hughie and grant Hughie’s dad the power of teleportation.

I feel this is possible since Ryan, Homelander’s son, has the same powers as Homelander. Similarly, in Gen V, we saw Andre Anderson have the same powers of Magnetism Manipulation as his father Polarity.

If this can work from father to son, there is a possibility that it might work from son to father as well, who knows? However, this is all purely speculative and based entirely on analysis, so, we will have to wait for episode 5 to see if this turns out to be true or not. Till then, stay tuned with us for further updates!

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