Where to Start Reading Solo Leveling Manhwa After Anime?

In Short
  • The first season of Solo Leveling anime ends with the adaptation of the Job Change arc (until chapter 45).
  • If you plan to start reading the Solo Leveling manhwa, start from chapter 46, which is the start of the Red Gate arc.
  • If you want to read the Solo Leveling web novel instead, begin from chapter 56.

Solo Leveling anime just had an incredible debut season. This is a glorious dream for several other cool manhwas like Solo Leveling waiting for a similar treatment. Watching Sung Jinwoo go from a timid E-rank hunter to the Shadow Monarch was a rollercoaster ride. I am going to miss his action-packed fights and tremendous growth as Season 2 will be a long time away. However, if you wish to continue with the journey and explore what the new Shadow Monarch achieves next, it’s time to get your hands on the Solo Leveling manhwa.

You can grab either the Solo Leveling manhwa or the web novel based on your preference and find out what happens next. That said, let’s see where you need to start the manhwa after finishing the first season of the Solo Leveling anime.

How Many Manhwa Chapters Did Solo Leveling Season 1 Adapt?

Solo Leveling’s pilot season had a total of 12 episodes, which adapted the manhwa up to chapter 45 (until the Job Change arc). So, out of the 200 total chapters, we are nearly at the quarter mark and there is still a long way to go.

To further elaborate on this, the Solo Leveling Season 1 adapted the following arcs:

  • D-Rank Dungeon Arc (Episodes 1 to 3)
  • Reawakening Arc (Episode 3)
  • Instant Dungeon Arc (Episodes 3 and 4)
  • Dungeon & Lizards Arc (Episodes 5 and 6)
  • Dungeon & Prisoners Arc (Episodes 7 to 9)
  • Yoo Jinho Raid Party Arc (Episode 10)
  • Job Change Arc (Episodes 11 and 12)

So up until now, the first season perfectly introduced some of the most engrossing characters and showcased a glimpse of what’s to come with Jinwoo becoming the Monarch of Shadows.

Where to Start Reading Solo Leveling Manhwa After Anime?

Sung Jinwoo in Solo Leveling anime
Image Courtesy: Solo Leveling by A-1 Pictures (X/ @@sololeveling_en)

So the first season of Solo Leveling ended with Sung Jinwoo using his Necromancer class perks to extract his first shadow ever, Igris. This must give you a brief idea about how things will roll out in the upcoming season, but trust me, you don’t!

From the next arc, the story will shift into high gear and move at an unreal pace with blockbuster action sequences.

Right after the Job Change Arc, which is where Solo Leveling Season 1 Episode 12 ended, you can start reading the manhwa from chapter 46, which marks the start of the Red Gate arc.

For a better experience, go through chapter 45 again to get a clear recap of where the story ended in the anime. Therefore, sharpen up your daggers to go on a high-octane action-packed ride of your life with Sung Jinwoo gathering the strongest shadows in his leveling-up journey.

In case you are planning to read the web novel version of Solo Leveling, you can begin your journey from chapter 56. It also marks the beginning of the Red Gate arc. For more information on all arcs, make sure to go through our Solo Leveling arcs in order guide.

Which Chapters Will Be Adapted in Solo Leveling Season 2?

Sung Jinwoo in anime
Image Courtesy: Solo Leveling by A-1 Pictures (X/ @@sololeveling_en)

If you are curious to find out more about the anime Solo Leveling’s second season, we have a fair idea of how many chapters will be adapted for the next season.

Based on our analysis of the first season, a total of 12 episodes adapted Jinwoo’s leveling-up journey up to chapter 45 of the manhwa. If we assume that the next season will have a similar pacing, then Solo Leveling Season 2 will adapt the manhwa up to Return to Demon Castle Arc (chapter 89).

I’m pretty sure the Season 2 ending will tease the start of one of the best arcs of Solo Leveling, the Jeju Island arc that will be adapted in Season 3.

As a manhwa reader, I can assure you that the out-of-the-world artwork and Sung Jinwoo’s insane growth will surely be a rollercoaster ride full of goosebumps. The webtoon is also so incredibly well-paced, thus, you can quickly read through everything but be cautious you can lose track of your time once you start this manhwa!

Before you start your manhwa journey, learn about the World of Hunters in detail. That said, share your experience with the Solo Leveling manhwa in the comments below once you are done reading it.

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