Solo Leveling Season 1 Episode 12 Release Date and Time (Countdown)

In Short
  • Solo Leveling Episode 12, titled "Arise," is the final episode of season 1.
  • Solo Leveling Season 1 finale will air on March 30 (Saturday) at 24:00 JST or 8:00 AM PDT.
  • You can watch the final episode on Crunchyroll, Prime Video, Netflix, and Hulu.

Fans around the world are ecstatic about the flawless debut of the Solo Leveling anime. If you have watched last week’s episode featuring the exhilarating battle between Sung Jinwoo and Igris the Blood Red, you will know that the anime reached its zenith with that fight. But what if I say that the first season is going to end on an even greater note, with the finale? I know, Episode 11 ended on a cliffhanger where Jinwoo faced yet another ordeal to complete the job change quest. However, the anime has a massive surprise in store for Jinwoo as well as fans in episode 12. So, if you are excited about the season finale, check out the release dates and times of Solo Leveling episode 12 across the globe.

Solo Leveling Episode 12 Release Date and Times

Jinwoo’s ascension towards a job change in the instant dungeon is an unpredictable journey. I bet you cannot guess what’s going to happen at the end of Episode 12. But all good things must come to an end, and thus, episode 12, titled “Arise,” is the final episode of season 1.

You will be able to watch Solo Leveling episode 12 on March 30 (Saturday) at 24:00 JST or 8:00 AM PT. As for streaming platforms, it will be available 30 minutes after the Japanese broadcast, so you can stream the finale of Solo Leveling at 8:30 AM PT.

Are you wondering about the release time for where you live? Fret not, as I have everything covered here. Following are the times and dates for Solo Leveling episode 12 around the world:

  • Japan: March 31 at 12:30 AM JST
  • Brazil: March 30 at 12:30 PM BRT
  • USA: March 30 at 8:30 AM CDT (or 8:00 AM PST)
  • India: March 30 at 9:00 PM IST
  • South KoreaMarch 30 at 12:30 AM KST
  • Canada: March 30 at 11:30 AM EDT
  • France: March 30 at 4:30 PM CET
  • Spain:  March 30 at 4:30 PM CET
  • Philippines: March 30 at 11:30 PM PST
  • UK: March 30 at 03:30 PM GMT
  • South Africa: March 30 at 5:30 PM SAST
  • Australia: March 31 at 1:00 AM ACST
  • Mexico:  March 30 at 09:30 AM CST
  • Russia: March 30 at 6:30 PM MSK
  • China: March 30 at 11:30 PM CST
  • Italy: March 30 at 4:30 PM CET
  • Germany: March 30 at 4:30 PM CET
  • Turkey: March 30 at 6:30 PM TRT
  • Malaysia: March 30 at 11:30 PM MYT
  • Singapore: March 30 at 11:30 PM SGT
  • Indonesia: March 30 at 11:30 PM WITA

Solo Leveling Episode 12 Release Countdown

If you keep up with Beebom’s anime coverage, you must know of our custom of including a release countdown to assist you in keeping track of when the content will be accessible in your region. Well, the same is the case for the Solo Leveling anime.

So, save this page to your bookmarks and return to find out when episode 12 will be released in your region. Countdown To Solo Leveling Episode 12

Official Plot of Solo Leveling Episode 12

Here is the official synopsis of the upcoming episode 12 aka the Season finale of Solo Leveling:

Despite being cornered, Sung Jinwoo defeats the red knight “Igris”. Just when he has a moment to catch his breath, a window appears informing him of a new quest. Sung, exhausted by the endless battle, sees a vision of his former self. In order to overcome his past as “mankind’s weakest hunter” and to become a stronger version of himself, he searches for a clue to overcome the job change quest.

Where to Watch Solo Leveling Anime Legally

For those who have been wondering which anime streaming platforms will host the final episode of Solo Leveling season 1, here you go:

  • Crunchyroll
  • Prime Video
  • Netflix
  • Hulu

Note: The availability of the episode in the aforementioned platforms will vary from region to region. Thus, Crunchyroll is the safest choice for you as they stream in majority of the countries.

As a manhwa reader, I can guarantee you that you are going to see a pivotal point in Sung Jinwoo’s hunter career in the Season finale. Thus, I’m eagerly awaiting the release of the finale that will blow everyone’s minds and see you ‘arise’ from your seats.

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