Where to Read Solo Leveling Manhwa Legally (Free and Paid)

Gone are the days when the Japanese manga series dominated the industry, as there are several South Korean manhwas that have lately also grown in popularity. One such series is Solo Leveling by Chugong, which was initially released as a Web Novel in 2016. However, over time, its popularity helped the amazing series get a Webtoon adaptation.

Moreover, Solo Leveling’s fame skyrocketed with the arrival of the anime. Now, after the incredible conclusion to the anime’s first season, you might wonder where you can read the manhwa chapters that will be adapted in the further seasons of the anime. Well, I’ve got you covered. So, here are the websites where you can read the Solo Leveling manhwa.

Best Websites to Read Solo Leveling Manhwa

Sung Jin-Woo from Solo Leveling
Image Courtesy: X/@tapas_app

Here are the links to the platforms where you can read the Solo Leveling manhwa:

  1. Tapas: This platform doesn’t ask for a subscription, instead it lets you read chapters through its ink currency. This “ink” can be purchased by spending money or through rewards.
  2. Tappytoon: It allows you to go through the first five chapters for free, and after that, you will have to pay to access the locked chapters. Here are the pricing details:
    • Single Chapter: $3.60
    • Next Five Chapters: $17.98
    • Remaining Chapters: $704.74
  3. Webnovel: This platform also involves a coin system that requires you to spend real money to unlock premium chapters of the ongoing Manhwa series. However, Solo Leveling has already finished, so Webnovel does not ask readers to pay to read this series.

KakaoPage was the first home to the Solo Leveling Web Novel, so, of course, it’s a platform you can explore to enjoy the intriguing story of Solo Leveling. Also, as the manhwa has already concluded, the digital platform will give you a hassle-free reading experience without emptying your pockets. However, as KakaoPage consists of the original novel project and not the Webtoon, it isn’t a go-to destination for international fans.

If you’re on the lookout for the Webtoon/ Manhwa adaptation of Solo Leveling in English, you can rely on Tapas, Tappytoon, and Webnovel. These are the best platforms that allow enthusiasts to dig into the amazing world of the celebrated Manhwas.

Unfortunately, these platforms are not entirely free of cost. To be precise, after allowing you to read the first few chapters for free, these platforms ask you for a subscription fee, gift tickets, or coins to enjoy the further chapters.

Why Is Solo Leveling Worth Reading in 2024?

Solo Leveling anime key visual
Image Courtesy: X/@sololeveling_en

Solo Leveling is a dark-fantasy Manhwa series that started as a web novel in 2016 and has grown massively in popularity since then. Like numerous other digital comics, the story kickstarts with a weak protagonist who eventually emerges as the strongest entity in existence. So, what makes the story of Sung Jinwoo worth a read? It’s the character development, gripping storyline, amazing artwork, and interesting villains.

Sung Jinwoo never had the desire to fight the monsters for humankind’s sake instead, he wanted to fight for financial reasons. However, his fate had something else in store. In a dungeon, he gets the power to level up and become the most powerful hunter.

This is not it, there are several volatile moments in the Manhwa that give you a reason to binge-read the chapters one after another without wanting to take a break. On top of that, enthusiasts who have watched the anime after reading the Manhwa weren’t impressed with the screen adaptation. That’s mainly because the anime felt rushed, whereas the Manhwa digs into the exciting events in an easy-going manner, giving fans a chance to connect to the story and the characters. So, if you haven’t read the Manhwa yet, you should do it before Solo Leveling Season 2 arrives.

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