Where Does Wikipedia Donations Come From [Study]

Last Updated: December 7, 2013

This year’s Wikipedia annual fundraising campaign was most successful ever with a record breaking USD $20 million donation from over 1 million people from almost every country.

To understand who are the donors and what motivated them to donate, Wikipedia conducted readers survey and results of which are really interesting.

  • 47% of readers are simply unaware that Wikipedia is a non-profit entity run entirely on donations from the general public.

Lack of awareness is highest in Russia 64% but on the other hand awareness is highest in Egypt 70% and India 61%.

Besides awareness other reasons for donating or not donating to Wikipedia are shown below:

  • Reasons for Donating:

  • Reasons for not donating:

Readers from India (42%), Egypt (33%) and US (33%) are most likely to donate and readers from Germany (13%), France (11%) and Japan (15%) were relatively less interested to donate.

Note: Results above are from a sample of Wikipedia’s reader population, not drawn from actual donor data.


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