WhatsApp Could Soon Launch a Companion Mode to Link a Second Mobile Device

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A few days ago, we saw information on the extended ability of WhatsApp’s multi-device mode, which lets you add a secondary device to your WhatsApp account. It is now suggested that the Meta-owned messaging app is now testing the feature as more details have appeared online.

WhatsApp Starts Testing Companion Mode

The latest report by WABetaInfo reveals that the Companion mode will let you easily link a secondary mobile device to one WhatsApp number. This essentially means that users will be able to use one WhatsApp account on multiple mobile devices, such as another smartphone or a tablet.

Currently, the multi-device feature only allows you to link a WhatsApp account on a phone and a PC at the same time. This functionality can even work when your smartphone is offline.

There’s also a screenshot, which reveals more information about the upcoming feature. You can also enter the Companion mode by linking a secondary device to another WhatsApp account. It will not only let you link your second phone to your WhatsApp account but to someone else’s account too. Here’s a look at the screenshot to get an idea.

Image Courtesy: WABetaInfo

Although, it’s worth noting that linking a device to another account will log you out of the currently logged-in account. Plus, you will lose all the locally-stored data. Hence, backing the data before tuning into the Companion mode is advised.

The report also highlights that this feature is currently under development, which is why not much is known about it. That said, it is being tested for both Android and iOS versions of WhatsApp. So, you can expect it to reach all users whenever it goes official. It is likely to take some time to become available for users. Until that happens, more information is expected to come our way, and we will be sure to share that with you.

In related news, WhatsApp recently announced that it will soon let people add up to 512 members to a group in addition to rolling out message reactions, 2GB of file size, and even the ability to add up to 32 people to a group voice call.

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