WhatsApp Could Soon Take AI’s Help to Create Stickers

WhatsApp to Automatically Find Contextually Relevant Stickers

WhatsApp is often seen making headlines for either the new features it constantly introduces or the ones that are expected. It recently added the ability to share screen during video calls and as part of the same vision, it seems like WhatsApp is planning on adapting AI capabilities for even more fun conversations. Here’s how.

WhatsApp AI Stickers in the Making!

WhatsApp has released a new beta update (version for Android, which includes the ability to make AI stickers. Some beta users have a new ‘Create‘ option under the sticker tray, tapping on which can help them get AI-generated stickers.

You will be able to enter the description of a sticker, say a dog with a hat, and then you can get one based on the same. If you are happy with the output, you could just share it with people. If not, you can keep trying.

Source: WABetaInfo

The option to make AI-based stickers is said to be backed by a “secure technology offered by Meta.” There’s no word on this yet but we expect Meta to elaborate on this when and if these AI stickers become official. You will also be able to report the ones that are deemed inappropriate. Plus, AI-generated stickers can be easily identified and you would know that these are created using AI.

AI WhatsApp stickers will help up your sticker game if this is how you communicate with your friends the most, especially when you need a certain type of sticker and fail to get it from the pool of options available.

We still have to see when AI stickers will be available for all and given the pace at which WhatsApp adds new features, this could be just around the corner. We won’t forget to keep you posted, so, stay tuned. Also, do you think this will be a really useful addition to WhatsApp? Let us know your thoughts on this in the comments below.

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