What Pirate Did Shanks Talk About with the Five Elders in Reverie Arc?

In Short
  • Saturn recently confirmed that Blackbeard hails from a special bloodline in One Piece chapter 1107. It is further connected to Shanks as he met with the Five Elders before.
  • Shanks met the Five Elders during the Reverie arc, as he wanted to talk about a certain pirate. This has been one of the most debated topics among fans, but it looks like we have an answer now.
  • Shanks has always known about Blackbeard's true powers, and we are almost certain that he talked about him and his special background to the Five Elders in Reverie Arc.

The Reverie arc, aka the Levely arc, is a mini arc in One Piece. However, it was the arc that dropped some of the biggest mysteries we have ever seen to this date. Oda sensei ensured everyone’s jaws hit the floor while watching Imu’s introduction, a giant straw hat, Shanks meeting the Gorosei, and a lot more in a short period. If you are wondering why we are dusting up the Reverie arc now, it’s because One Piece chapter 1107 spilled the beans on one of the mysteries of the Reverie arc. So, find out who Shanks talked about in his meeting with the Five Elders.

Shanks’ Meeting with the Five Elders

Shanks meeting the Gorosei
Image Courtesy: One Piece by Toei Animation Studios (IMDb)

Eiichiro Oda dropped one of the biggest surprises on the fandom in the reverie arc (episode 887 and chapter 907) when he revealed that Shanks set up a meeting with the Five Elders. He got a seat with them, and one of the elders even mentioned they agreed to this meeting because it was Shanks who put forth the request.

Ever since that day, fans have been wondering about the connection between Red Hair Shanks and the Celestial Dragons and how he managed to secure a meeting with them as an infamous pirate.

Several theories have been thrown around, including Shanks is a celestial dragon. This was further backed up by the recent Figarland family reveal in the One Piece movie and manga. While we don’t know about his connection to the File Elders, Shanks went there “to talk about a certain pirate”.

To this day, I along with all the fans have been debating about the pirate he mentioned to the Five Elders. Was it Luffy, Oden, or Blackbeard? Or just someone else? However, with the release of One Piece manga chapter 1107, I realized that all hints point towards the most vicious pirate alive right now, Blackbeard. I explain why in the section below.

Blackbeard’s Special Bloodline Mentioned By Saturn

In chapter 1107, Blackbeard Pirates members who arrived on Egghead Island were revealed. It was Van Augur and Catarina Devon who were lucky to witness St. Saturn in his demonic form. On their way to finish their mission, they had a brief conversation with the elder.

Saturn asked Catarina why a deadly pirate like her went on to become a subordinate in Marshall D. Teach’s crew. To which she replied, “Teach is special.” This was further confirmed by St. Saturn himself as he went on to say, “So is his bloodline.” Catarina was surprised to see that one of the Five Elders was aware of that fact.

We already know that Blackbeard hails from a special bloodline, much like Kuma who comes from the Buccaneers race. There have been numerous instances where we have seen him being a unique person, like having two devil fruit powers, being a man who doesn’t sleep, and more.

So now, the question that arises is, which bloodline does he belong to? We know that Blackbeard is also part of the “D” clan but the fandom has always heavily theorized that Teach is a descendant of Rocks D. Xebec, or that there is at least some sort of connection between them. Not to forget, the ship of the Blackbeard Pirates is known as the “Saber of Xebec.”

Note: For those unaware of what is being talked about here, we recommend reading our guide on the meaning of D in Luffy and other pirates’ names.

If that was the case, imagine the son of the pirate king (Portgas D. Ace) and the son of the pirate king’s rival (Marshall D. Teach) both working under Whitebeard. That’s such a crazy dichotomy and parallel that can absolutely work in this world.

So if you are wondering why we are highlighting that Blackbeard is a special character, it’s because Shanks has always been warning others about him.

The Pirate That Shanks Talked About to the Five Elders

Blackbeard in One Piece anime
Image Courtesy: One Piece by Toei Animation Studios (X)

So, with all that I’ve mentioned above, I am almost certain that the pirate that Shanks talked about to the Five Elders is none other than Blackbeard. If you remember, Shanks has always been going about warning people about Blackbeard.

We all know how he went to meet Whitebeard by himself and asked to stop Ace from going against Kurohige. Of all the battles and scars Shanks has gotten over the years, the one thing that still aches his heart to this day is the scar on his face made by Blackbeard.

Furthermore, in his meeting with Whitebeard, Shanks heavily emphasized how Blackbeard was special and had always been lurking in the background to rise to the top of the world. Shanks definitely knows something about him that still hasn’t been revealed to us yet. A man of his caliber was injured this way whilst being careful in his battle against Kurohige as well.

Blackbeard embodies Rocks D. Xebec and is also famous among fans as a modern-day Rocks. Just like how Rocks wanted to become the king of this world, Teach yearns to have the whole world to himself, as evidenced by Van Augur’s words in chapter 1107.

As a result, Shanks could have scheduled a meeting with the Five Elders to share information about Blackbeard’s special bloodline and other secrets, warning them of his true potential.

Shanks has been observing Blackbeard ever since they were kids, and well, there will be a day when the truth about Teach will be revealed to fans. For now, I believe this is how Saturn became aware of Blackbeard’s lineage. Thus, the theories about Shanks being evil by snitching on Luffy can be laid to rest.

That said, do you agree with my observation? What is your best guess about the pirate that Shanks mentioned to the Five Elders? Let me know in the comments below.

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