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Since technology started evolving, we have seen various kinds of devices make their way to the market and even die, over the years. Well, sometimes, while scraping my room, I find an old device, like a walkman or something, that my older brother used to have and instantly take a trip down memory lane, and guess what? I actually love that. So, if you are someone like me, then I am sure you will love this website that lets you explore almost every tech product of the past and compare them with their current generation.

Dubbed as “TechRewind”, this website will, as stated by its maker, lets you “travel through time and get a glimpse of how products looked like when they first launched and how they are now.” The website is like a virtual museum for a tech enthusiast.

“Nostalgia made me do it, really. The products you see on TechRewind are mostly the ones I grew up using,”, wrote Naeem Noor, the maker of the unique website.

“Rewind” Back to Any Year for a Nostalgic Trip

Now, once you visit “TechRewind”, you can then select a specific year to “rewind” and you will be able to see every major tech products, be it hardware, software, or games, that released in that year. For instance, if you select the year 2001, you will find products like Xbox, iPod, macOS, Wikipedia, iTunes, and a few more.

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So, as you can see in the image above, each of the products’ thumbnails shows the very first icon or the version of the products. However, if you take your mouse pointer and hover over these thumbnails, it shows the current iteration of the software or the hardware product.

Techrewind website itunes
Before [left] and After [right]
As the website is still a work-in-progress, there are some products for which appropriate screenshots are not available. Although the creator says that he used many websites like Wikipedia and to collect the data for this website, he could not find images and screenshots for every product in the repository.

Techrewind webiste 3

Now, if you are someone who possesses an image of a product that is unavailable on “TechRewind”, you can easily upload that on the website to help improve the database. Just click on the product, for which the images are unavailable, to open its info page, and then upload the screenshot or the image of the product which you have from right there.

So, if you want to take a trip of Nostalgia and explore retro products that paved the way for the current ones, check out this website right now.

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