WD’s Special Call of Duty Black Ops Cold War-Themed Hard Drives Will Surely Turn Heads

WD call of duty themed hard drive feat.

To capture the attention of Call of Duty fans, popular hard disk manufacturer, Western Digital (WD) had recently unveiled three new Call of Duty Black Ops Cold War-themed hard drive models. It is to celebrate the launch of the latest iteration of the game.

The American hard drive maker recently announced the custom COD-themed version of its existing P10, P50, and the brand new SN850. They look pretty clean and Western Digital hopes that these will catch the eyes of every COD fan in the world.

Hard Drives for the COD-Heads

Now, coming to WD’s COD-themed game drives, unlike the regular P10, P50, and SN850 models that come with multiple storage options, these come in limited storage options.

For starters, the special edition P10 Game Drive only comes in a 2TB variant and costs $30 more than the regular base model, making it a $110 (~Rs 8,155) product. However, WD points out the fact that the P10 drive is compatible with the next-gen consoles from Sony and Microsoft, even though it supports only current-gen games.

WD COD themed hard drive P10

On the other hand, the special edition P50 external USB-C-based NVME drive comes with a 1TB storage option and costs $50 more than its regular edition model. So, this makes it a $250 (~Rs 18,535) component. However, as there is no spec difference between the regular model and the COD edition, it delivers speeds up to 2,000Mbps.

WD COD themed hard drive 1

Now, coming to the special COD edition of the company’s first PCIe 4.0-based NVMe SSD drive, the SN850, this drive, like the P50, comes in a 1TB variant only and got the least price-hike amongst the three. So, adding just $10 to the price of the regular SN850 model, the Call of Duty Black Ops-themed SN850 costs $240 (~Rs 17,794).

So, with Call of Duty Black Ops’ massive storage requirements, WD’s COD-themed hard drives might become a huge success amongst Call of Duty fans. And that is what the company is hoping for.

You can check out the special edition Call of Duty C Black Ops Cold War-themed WD drives on the company’s official online store. WD plans to launch these products sometime in December.

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