Microsoft Urges Users Not to Blow Vape Smoke Into Their Xbox Series X Consoles

microsoft asks users not blow vape smoke into Xbox Series X

Following the recent launch of Microsoft’s next-gen Xbox Series X and Series X, users who got the new consoles started to report a major issue on social media. According to many videos shared by recent owners of the consoles, one showed a huge amount of smoke coming out from the top vent of the machine. Now, this started to worry eager buyers as it looked like the Xbox Series X had a significant issue. That has, however, been found to be false.

So, if you are unaware, the smoke coming out of my new Xbox videos started to show up right after the new consoles released in the market. Following these videos from several users, netizens started to suspect that these are fake. And a recent video (below) shared by a Spain-based Twitter user, Xbox Studio (@XboxStudio) showed just how all the pranksters made smoke come out of their new consoles.

So, as you can see, all those who shared the fake videos blew vape smoke from the side of the console, which shot up the vent and came out from the top of the consoles.

Following this debunking video, the official Twitter account of Microsoft’s Xbox shared a tweet (below) almost begging users not to blow vape smoke into their new consoles.

However, according to CNET, one Microsoft spokesperson said that even though the videos were fake, the company investigated the issue after the very first smoke-video showed up on the internet, as it takes safety issues quite seriously.

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  • Mike says:

    Actually the very first video is not fake. Probably it’s capacitor failure, which may cause fire. So well done Microsoft and medias. Guy wanted to to share about his problem, warn people to be careful and he was accused to be liar. He even receives death threats from fanboys and guess what? Who is guilty? Have you even tried to write to the guy to ask about this case? There was only one person on the whole world which asked what happened and recorded the interview. Just search for “Xbox w oparach” there are subtitles which can be auto translated.

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