Check Out These Water-Filled Bone-Conduction Headphones

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Since the last few years, companies have been trying to develop the technology behind the headphones. This is to deliver good immersive sound along with the benefit of convenience. We have seen companies develop headphones with bone-conduction technology like the Aeropex, we saw earlier. Now, a designer from the Royal College of Arts has created a water-filled headphone that aims to improve the existing bone-conduction technology in headphones.

The headphones, dubbed as Inmergo, are like any other bone-conduction headphones in the market. The design enables them to bypass the eardrums and deliver the sound vibrations directly into the ears of the user.

However, rather than using air as a sound carrier, like any bone-conduction headphone, the Inmergo uses water as a primary carrier of the sounds. Well, it is an ultrasonic gel to be precise, as the originator saw that it is the best in delivering sounds after testing many other fluids.

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The creator, Rocco Giovannoni, was able to achieve this by using waterproof speakers completely submerged in water. Then he used a soft and flexible membrane-like outer shell to cover the Inmergo. This membrane sits on the users’ skin to deliver the sound vibrations via touch.

Now, according to the creator, the Inmergo, by using this unique water-based tech, can deliver far better sound quality than any bone-conduction headphones that use air to carry the sounds. Even people with hearing disabilities can enjoy the immersive sounds with these bad boys.

“I believe these are wasting an opportunity for a technology that has the potential of improving the music quality of common earphones and headphones. Inmergo aims to unravel the undiscovered potential of bone conduction by delivering innovative and inclusive sound experiences that can improve the quality of our life.”, says Giovannoni.

Currently, Rocco has two prototype models of the headphones. These include a normal two-unit set and a more comprehensive five-unit helmet that wraps around the users’ heads.

Image via: Dezeen

The creator plans to develop the patent-pending design to make it much more efficient, although he has already won the Snowdon Award for Disability, which is a part of the RCA Helen Hamlyn Awards. He is currently looking for investors to make the Inmergo a market-ready product.

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  • Where can I get it from? I love to hear music but people around me get disturbed. And if I wear headphone I get head ache and my ears are infected due to earwax. I would love to use it.

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