5 Best Voice Changer for Discord

10 Best Voice Changer Apps for Discord

Discord is one of the best game chat services out there and while there are a lot of apps like Discord out there, if you are a gamer, chances are that you are using Discord every day. Discord offers both voice and text chat features and there are many people who use voice changer programs to change their voice while talking on Discord. Some people do it for privacy reasons and some do it just for fun. Whatever your reasons might be, there’s no denying the fact that it’s a good tool to have in your arsenal. So, if you are interested in changing your voice while using Discord, here are the 10 best voice changer apps for Discord that you can use in 2022.

Top Voice Changer for Discord (Updated Rankings for 2022)

You can use the table of content below to see the list of all the voice changer apps. You can click on the name to directly move to the app in the article. We also have a quick comparison between all the voice changer apps on this list at the end that you can check out for a quick overview of the services mentioned on this list.

1. Voicemod

One of the most popular and best voice changer programs that you can use on Discord is Voicemod. Not only the service provides you with tons of different voices but it also makes it pretty easy to use. Apart from Discord, Voicemod can also be used with other voice chat services including Skype (as well as Skype alternative apps), PUBG, Fortnite, Google Chat, Mumble, and more.

1. VoiceMod

Voicemod effects also sound more natural than most other voice changer apps that I have tried. My favorite voice mods include the cave, cathedral, possessed, and kong among others. There are literally hundreds of mods to choose from, so install the app and get your voice mods on.

Tons of different voices Some effects don’t work as expected  
Voicemod effects sound more natural
Works with several voice chat services such as Skype, PUBG, Fortnite, Google Chat, Mumble

Supported Platforms: Windows
Pricing: Free, in-app purchases available

2. AV Voice Changer Software

AV Voice Changer Software is professional-grade voice changer software that you can not only use in real-time with services like Twitch and Discord but also use this tool to record your morphed voice and edit it in the waveform to make it more natural. The software allows you to easily access and modify every characteristic of your voice. 

2. AV Voice Changer Software

Your voice can sound deeper, higher, younger, older, more feminine, more masculine, more robotic, or modified in any way you like. The software also comes with advanced virtual driver technology which makes it compatible with most VoIP programs, role-playing games, and web chat applications.

It is available in three different versions – Basics, Gold, and Diamond, which you can choose from depending on your budget and requirement.

Option to record your morphed voice and edit it in the waveformPrice is quite high
Advanced virtual driver technology
Advanced virtual driver technology

Supported Platforms: Windows
Free trial, $99.95 for a full license

3. ClownFish

ClownFish is a free voice changer for Windows that you can use to change your voice while chatting on Discord. The app can be installed at the system level so any application that uses your microphone can be made to use your modified voice. So, apart from Discord, you can use ClownFish in apps like TeamSpeak, Mumble, Steam, Skype, Google Chat, and more.

3. ClownFish

While ClownFish cannot match the number of voice mods provided by applications like VoiceMod, the effects that it does bring are fairly nice. The effects list includes Alien, Atari, Robot, male, female, baby, and radio among others. The app is also pretty easy to set up and use. If you are looking for a free voice changer program for Discord, this might be the one.

A good collection of effects The interface looks old-fashioned 
Works with several apps like TeamSpeak, Mumble, Steam, Skype, Google Chat
Pretty easy to set up

Supported Platforms: Windows
Pricing: Free

4. MorphVox

MorphVox is a free audio effect tool that can change your voice. You can use the built-in voices and sound effects to sound like a man, woman, child, robot, or any of the other supported voices. You can use this free voice changer program to change your voice from man to woman and vice versa.

The software analyzes your voice to perform the optimal voice change effects so you sound as close to normal as you can. There are some drawbacks to using this free app though. The first drawback is that it is supported by ads and it comes with only two voice choices.


The second and more important drawback is that it is not as simple to set up to work with Discord as some of the other voice changer software on this list. You should use it only if you want better sound quality and are ready to spend hours on figuring out its set up.

Putting everything into the right perspective, MorphVox is undoubtedly one of the best free voice changers for Discord right now.

Plenty of built-in voices and sound effectsThe setup process is not straightforward
Performs optimal voice change effects Requires some learning curve 
Offers the needed customization to fine-tune your voice

Supported Platforms: Windows
Pricing: Free, paid version is available for $39.99

5. Voxal Voice Changer

Another good voice changer on our list is the Voxal Voice Changer which brings a ton of powerful voice changing features. Not only does it allow you to record voice in real-time but it also allows you to apply effects to already recorded voices. When using Discord, you can use it in real-time and there’s no time delay so you can talk on Discord without sounding out of sync.

5. Voxal Voice Changer

The app also has a huge effects library which includes a robot, girl, boy, alien, atmospheric, echo, and many more. Apart from Discord, the app works with all voice chat services including Skype, Google Chat, and more. Overall, this is a great voice changer app for Discord.

A solid collection of voice changing featuresDoesn’t support exporting voices as mp3 (or similar) formats
Works with all the popular voice chat services such as Skype
Allows you to record voice in real-time

Supported Platforms: Windows and macOS
Pricing: Free trial, $35.99

6. Voice Changer with Effects

Should you wish to have an easy-to-use voice changer for Discord with a plethora of cool effects on Android, this one can fit into your needs with ease. The app lets you record your voice and apply a variety of crazy effects. So, whether you wish to sound like a monster or want to embrace the voice of a woman, you can do it using this app.

Voice changer and effects

Interestingly, the app also lets you create an image with a different sound and even make a voice from the text for a more thrilling experience. Depending on your needs, you can import pre-recorded sound and fine-tune it to your heart’s liking.

Once your sound is ready, you can save it to your photo library or share it with your buddies on Facebook. Everything considered; it’s one of the best voice changers for Discord mobile.

Easy to record your voice and customize it Doesn’t have a neat interface 
A variety of crazy effects 
Create an image with a different sound

Supported Platforms: Android
Free, in-app purchases available

7. RoboVox Voice Changer Pro

If you have set your sight on a robust voice changer for Discord mobile, do not miss out on RoboVox Voice Changer Pro. What makes this voice changer stand out is a great collection of voice styles.

So, it doesn’t matter what you want to show off, you can pick the sound style that can get along nicely with your avatar. I’m particularly impressed with its ability to make the voice sound like a girl or female. Therefore, keep a tab on it if you like to surprise your buddies.

RoboVox Voice Changer Pro

Just in case you aren’t pleased with the predefined offerings, you can fully customize the voice to suit your style. It features pitch and modulation settings that let you customize the sound.

The app takes advantage of vocoder technology to let you record your voice with precision. As for the interface, it has looked just fine to me, if not intuitive. In a nutshell, it’s a top-notch girl/female voice changer for Discord.

Great collection of voice stylesRequires some learning curve initially  
Pitch and modulation settings
Pitch and modulation settings

Supported Platforms: Android

8. Voice Changer & Voice Editor

Another voice changer app for Discord mobile is Voice Changer & Voice Editor. The app has over 20 voice effects that you can use as intended. With this app, you can even slow down or fasten the pace of the audio. You also have controls to reduce the noise in the audio recording.

Voice Changer & Voice Editor

The app has a free version where you can use the voice effects in standard and medium quality. Using the effects in high and HD quality will require a premium subscription. One aspect I didn’t like about the app is the fact that it has a lot of ads. However, you can remove ads and unlock additional voice tweaking features with the premium subscription.

Simple UILot of ads
Sufficient effectsPremium subscription is a bit costly
Intuitive controls

Supported Platforms: Android
Free, in-app purchases available

9. Voicemeeter

If you are someone who has the technical knowledge of audio mixing, Voicemeeter is likely the best voice changer app for Discord you can get. The app takes things a step further than most other apps on this list and lets you create your own effects perfectly customized for your particular needs. That’s pretty cool.

voicemeeter voice changer app for discord

However, as mentioned earlier, this tool isn’t for the beginners out there, and it has a steep learning curve that will be difficult to overcome for novice users. However, for anyone who has advanced knowledge of audio mixing, Voicemeeter offers flexibility like no other app on this list. It’s also free to use, which is an added bonus, so check it out right away.

Customised sound effectsNot the easiest app to use, and not recommended for beginners
Supports MME, DX, KS, WDM, ASIO interfaces
Aimed at advanced users, but offers the feature-set you’d expect from a tool like this

Supported platforms: Windows
Pricing: Free

10. Voice Changer

Rounding off this list is Voice Changer, another nifty app for people who use Discord on their Android phones. Focused on your favorite characters from superhero movies, ranging from Batman to Baby Groot, you get over 25 free audio effects to choose from. Furthermore, you can customize the pitch, tempo rate, reverb, and more in the app to get the right voice you want.

Voice Changer Android

What we didn’t like about the app is that it has a lot of ads. Unfortunately, it looks like there is no premium subscription to get rid of ads at the moment. The app’s developer may add a subscription option later, so that’s something you can keep an eye out for in the future. Other than the distracting ad situation here, Voice changer is fairly useful and deserves a spot in our Discord voice changer apps roundup.

25+ free audio effectsToo many ads
Equalizer and reverb controlsNo premium subscription to remove ads
Modern interface

Supported Platforms: Android 
Pricing: Free with ads

Quick Comparison of Best Voice Changer Apps for Discord

NameBest Suited ForPlatformsPrice
VoicemodBest for overall voice changing in all appsWindowsFree with IAP
AV Voice Changer SoftwareBest for those looking to have more controlWindows$99.95, free trial
ClownFishBest for those looking for an easy to set up app that works with any softwareWindowsFree
MorphVoxBest for users who have technical chops and are looking for slightly more powerful options.WindowsFree; paid version at $39.99
Voxal Voice ChangerBest for people looking for an app that can apply effects on pre-recorded voices as well as in real-time with ease.Windows, macOS$35.99; free trial
Voice Changer with EffectsBest for changing your voice on Android phonesAndroidFree with IAP
RoboVox Voice Changer ProBest for more advanced voice editing on Android phonesAndroid$1.49
Voice Changer & Voice EditorBest for people looking for a simple, straightforward voice changer app for their phone.AndroidFree with IAP
VoicemeeterBest for users with advanced knowledge of audio mixing who want an app that can extremely good create personalised effects.WindowsFree
Voice ChangerBest for Android users who want a library of superhero voice effectsAndroidFree with ads

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. How do I change my voice on Discord?

There are so many apps like Voicemod that let you change your voice on Discord with ease. Simply open the Voicemod voice changer app. After that, launch the Discord app and head over to your user settings. Then, go to Voice & Video on your App Settings section and choose Microphone. Now, do the needful to change the voice.

Q. Is Voicemod for Discord safe?

Yes, Voicemod for Discord is safe. So, you can download it to use with Discord without any issue. Besides, it also works pretty well with Twitch, Skype, game recording software like OBS, Teamspeak, VR Chat, XSplit, and more.

Q. How do you change Voxal voice on Discord?

Changing Voxal voice on Discord is straightforward. Head over to Voice & Video on your App Settings section and change it as usual.

Q. Are voice changers illegal?

No. It’s legal to modify the tone and format of voice with different effects. However, you must do that for fun only.

Q. What is the best free voice changer?

Though there are quite a few pretty good free voice changers, MorphVox Jr is considered to be the best free voice changer.

Q. How do I get rid of clownfish Voice Changer?

It’s easy to get rid of clownfish Voice Changer. To do it, all you need to do is uninstall it by following the normal process. If that doesn’t work for you, you can use a third-party uninstaller app for Windows to make the process simpler.

Have Fun with The Best Voice Changer for Discord

Well, those are the 10 best apps that you can use to change your voice on Discord and other software such as Skype, Teamspeak, Mumble, and others. Whether you use Discord on a Windows PC, Mac, or even your Android phone, we have included options that will fit your voice modulation needs. So, which voice modulation app for Discord are you using? Let us know in the comments.


  1. My favorite voice changer for iOS, is a app that is called Voice Changer.
    It is free and can be used live, or recorded. My fave changer is the Child version. I do not yet know if it works for Discord yet, I need to find that out.

  2. My favorite voice changer for iOS, is a app that is called Voice Changer.
    It is free and can be used live, or recorded. My fave changer is the Child version. I do not yet know if it works for Discord yet, I need to find that out.

  3. Wonderful, I dj and when I installed the VoiceMod the first one, it has somehow deactivated my professional microphone that I had that uses a USB. I HIGHTLY DO NOT RECOMMEND INSTALLING THAT ONE! Now I have to figure out what the hell I did.

  4. My favorite voice changer for iOS, is a app that is called Voice Changer.
    It is free and can be used live, or recorded. My fave changer is the Child version. I do not yet know if it works for Discord yet, I need to find that out.

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