All Video Game Industry Layoffs in 2024

You would think that the gaming industry is booming with games like Hellbalde 2, Palworld, Starfield, and even the upcoming GTA 6. Sadly, the reality is often disappointing. And my heart sinks every day, waking up to yet another video game company announcing massive layoffs or a shutdown (RIP Arcane). If you’re someone who follows the video game industry closely, you must already know the dire situation unfolding before us.

But how many jobs have been affected by the video game industry layoffs? Let’s take a brief look before we dive into the details:

  • Close to 9000 jobs have been cut in the last five months alone.
  • Microsoft Studio sees the most significant impact, reducing headcount by around 2000+ employees.
  • Unity, PlayStation Studios, EA, Take-Two, and Riot trail closely after.
  • Studios like Arkane Austin, Tango Gameworks, and PS London have been shut down.

Sadly, we have only just begun. Keep reading to find out about all the video industry layoffs in 2024.

The list with relevant information was last updated on June 6, 2024.

Every Video Game Industry Layoff in 2024

Studio NameEmployees Laid Off
Microsoft Xbox (Includes Activision Blizzard, Tango, Arkane Austin, Alpha Dog Games, Bethesda)2150+
PlayStation Studios909
Electronic Arts670
Take-Two Interactive600
Riot Games530
Sumo Group250+
Creative Assembly/Sega HARDlight240
Behaviour Interactive140
Lost Boys Interactive125
CI Games105+
Deviation Games100+
Eidos Montreal97
SuperMassive Games90
Reikon Games80+
Thunderful Group75+
Sega of America61+
Intercept Games60
Avalanch Studios50
Smilegate Barcelona45+
Hidden Path Entertainment44
Black Forest Games40+
Relic Entertainment40+
Something Wicked Games40
Singularity 636
People Can Fly Studios30
Deck Nine Games25+
Starward Industries15
Rovio Montreal16
31st Union10+
Curve Games5+
Visual Concepts AustinNA
Cloud Imperium GamesNA
505 GamesNA
Piranha BytesNA
Square Enix (America, Europe, Collective)NA
Total Layoffs9171+

You’re not alone if you’re sweating after studying the table above. As you can see, the video game industry has seen over 8500+ job layoffs in 2024 alone. While some layoffs were simple job cuts, others had it worse when Xbox closed Bethesda Studios.

Video Game Industry Layoffs: A Broader Look

As with everything else in life, not every video game company layoff got the same attention. Out of every single video game industry layoffs, some received higher traction. Let’s try to gain a better understanding of all the companies above.

1. Microsoft Xbox

Microsoft’s video game division spent $75.6 billion to acquire Activision Blizzard and ZeniMax Media, two of America’s most seasoned video game companies. Shortly after, there were mass layoffs across every Xbox wing, amounting to approximately 2150+ job cuts. The reasons for this included the company’s inability to make expected profits from its purchased IPS. According to reports, more layoffs are planned at Xbox.

2. Unity

The software giant, known for its video game engine, has stayed in hot waters for a while. Be it the inflammatory comments made by its CEO or the Unity Engine install fees. However, the industry heard the unfortunate news of 1800 employees being let go earlier this year. This was notably done as part of a company reset to help clear things out.

3. PlayStation Studios

PlayStation Studios had to share the bad news of layoffs across the board, including the shutdown of the PS London studio. The Japanese hardware/software giant planned to let go of 909 employees as a company restructuring, which was 8% of its workforce.

4. Electronic Arts

The video game giant known for its yearly EA Sports FC titles and other games had to lay off 670 staff across the division. While there aren’t any concrete details on the reasons, it is mainly attributed to company restructuring.

5. Take-Two Interactive

While Take-Two Interactive saved Gearbox from closure by purchasing them, the same cannot be said about its employees. As early as last April, news of Take-Two Interactive shutting down Roll7 and Intercept Games was made public. Furthermore, Take-Two Interactive has reported company-wide layoffs for no apparent reason.

6. Riot Games

The free-to-play video game giant, known for hit games like Valorant, League of Legends, etc., also saw its fair share of layoffs. This translated into 530 employees, amounting to 11% of its workforce. This also halted future Riot Forge projects.

The reasoning behind the layoff was that the company’s investments were not paying off to meet expectations. However, they also received a lot of appreciation for their severance plan.

7. Twitch

Even Amazon’s video streaming giant wasn’t spared. Unfortunately, 500 employees, around 35% of the company, lost their livelihoods to the industry layoff. CEO Dan Clancy argued that while the business remained strong, they overestimated its growth.

Interestingly, this was the streaming giant’s second round of layoffs after the 2023 Amazon-wide layoff, which saw 400 employees lose their jobs.

8. Sumo Group

Sumo Group, one of the largest publishers that includes Secret Mode, also laid off 15% of its workforce on June 11, 2024. The company attributes the decision to changing market conditions. While they haven’t given out exact numbers, Sumo Group hires around 1790 employees across Canada, India, the UK, Poland, and the Czech Republic; if we do maths, that brings us around 250 employees getting laid off from the company.

9. Sega (Including Creative Assembly, Sega of America, and Sega HARDLight)

Once a Japanese console giant, now a famous video game software company, Sega employees also faced the unfortunate burns of layoffs in 2024. The company saw 61 employees leaving Sega of America, 240 employees leaving Creative Assembly, and an unspecified number of people at Sega HARDLight.

SEGA formally attributed these layoffs to the rapidly changing financial landscape, the decline in demand during the COVID-19 era, and inflation.

10. Behaviour Interactive

The Dead by Daylight developers might be busy building and adding iconic horror villains to the popular asymmetrical horror game, but they were also part of the layoffs. The 45-employee layoff happened because of changing market conditions, impacting less than 3% of their workforce.

Behaviour had another round of layoffs, mostly at their Montreal studio, in June 2024. This round of layoffs saw around 95 people losing their jobs, which includes 70 from their Montreal studio. Behaviour this time attributed these changes to changing strategic plans based on increased competition

11. Lost Boys Interactive

Support studio Lost Boys Interactive, known for working with Gearbox on Tiny Tina’s Wonderlands and Diablo 4, saw 125 employees lose their jobs to the video game layoffs. The official reasoning was to downsize to continue functioning and tackle “the headwinds facing the industry right now.”

They were part of the Embracer layoffs, which have been ongoing since 2023 and mostly happened because the company overspent while betting on an external investor.

12. CI Games

An AA indie studio responsible for publishing games and developing titles like Sniper Ghost Warrior and Lords of the Fallen, CI Games let go of around 105 employees from the companies over five months.

While Lords of the Fallen developer Hexworks is safe, the decision was made to maximize their efficiency. Furthermore, as per CI Games, the May 10 layoff was their company’s last one for a while.

13. Deviation Games

Unfortunately, Deviation Games, a brand-new studio comprising people from the Call of Duty series, closed its doors on March 9, 2024. The studio had previously partnered with PlayStation to create a brand-new IP for them. Unfortunately, that studio never released its first game before shutting its doors.

14. Eidos Montreal

The seminal developer, known for creating hits like Deus Ex, Deus Ex: Human Revolution, and Guardians of the Galaxy, had to let go of 97 employees from the company. This was part of the ongoing Embracer layoffs, which saw multiple studios under Embracer going through restructuring.

The company cited the global economic condition, with Embracer’s restructuring influencing the layoff decision. People from development teams, administration, and support services were let go.

15. SuperMassive Games

While SuperMassive Games announced remastering Until Dawn for PC and PS5, they also had to announce the unfortunate departure of over 90 employees. The layoffs happened because of company-wide reorganizing, and they were entering a consultation period, resulting in people losing jobs.

16. Reikon Games

The indie developer known for the well-beloved twin-stick shooter Ruiner decided to lay off around 80 employees from the company. This was around 80% of their workforce let go. The layoffs have no concrete reason, but I assume it is because of the current market restructuring.

17. Thunderful Group

An indie publishing house known for publishing some well-known indie hits, Thunderful Group, had to let go of around 75 employees. The company aimed to improve its competitiveness by lowering costs and re-focusing on areas that bring it profits. This layoff resulted in 20% of their workforce losing jobs.

18. Intercept Games

The Private Division-owned studio, known for working on the Kerbals Space Program 2 early-access, couldn’t see the final game lift-off. It was announced earlier last month that the studio would completely shut down.

19. Roll7

Unfortunately, the BAFTA-winning video game studio, well-known for its remote work culture, was also part of the video game layoffs. As of May 2024, the studio under Private Division ceased to exist. Like Intercept Games, Take-Two didn’t give concrete reasoning for the shutdown.

20. Avalanche Studios

The famous developer Avalanche Studios, known for creating the ever-popular Just Cause series of video games and sleeper hits like Mad Max and Generation Zero, also saw a round of layoffs across their studios. Unfortunately, amidst these layoffs, they had to pull shutters on their Montreal and New York studios. The official announcement post barely details why, in 2024, they’ve pulled shutters on possibly one of the prolific video game developers and even performed layoffs.

21. Ubisoft

While the French video game publisher and developer are gearing up to launch Assassin’s Creed Shadows, it had layoffs in 2024, like most video game studios. This resulted in 45 employees losing their jobs. Ubisoft claimed they were reorganizing their global publishing central and APAC structures.

22. Smilegate Barcelona

Unfortunately, the Barcelona division of Smilegate closed its shutters, and around 45 employees lost their livelihoods. Smilegate hasn’t issued any statements regarding the shutdown.

23. Hidden Path Entertainment

As Hidden Path Entertainment stopped developing the Dungeons & Dragons RPG at the behest of Hasbro and Wizards of the Coast, it had to let go of 44 employees. The reason was part of the company restructuring and layoffs. They had to shut the studio down to ensure it kept functioning as intended and sustained in the market situation.

24. Black Forest Games

The developers known for making the Destroy the Human games had to cut off 50% of their studio strength. This resulted in a layoff of around 40 employees. This was part of the ongoing Embracer layoffs, as Black Forest Games is a part of THQ Nordic.

25. Kwalee

The indie publisher known for publishing some good indie games had to lay off around 40 employees across their branches. This was part of its restructuring efforts.

26. Relic Entertainment

The well-known strategy game company responsible for co-developing the Age of Empires 4 and other popular strategy games also had layoffs. Relic Entertainment did so to give itself a chance to survive in the industry. Furthermore, this layoff happened right after Sega severed ties with Relic.

27. Something Wicked Games

Amidst the development of their debut game, Wyrdsong, Something Wicked Games had to cut most of their workforce. This resulted in 40 employees losing their jobs. The company hasn’t given any statement for the layoff.

28. Singularity 6

The development studio, known for making the free-to-play survival MMO game Palia, saw its third round of layoffs in nine months. As of May 17, 2024, the company has let go of 36 employees, or approximately 40% of its workforce. Like other companies, this was part of its restructuring efforts.

29. People Can Fly Studios

The developers of games like Bulletstorm and looter-shooter Outriders had to let go of 30 employees. The development director, Adam Alker, explained that they had to let go of the employees due to budget limitations and shrinking scope.

30. Deck Nine Games

The Life is Strange, and Telltale’s Expanse series developers also had to let go of around 25 employees. The studio statement claims that Deck Nine was affected by the worsening market conditions.

31. ZA/UM

The Disco Elysium developers have always been a part of many controversies. However, amidst all that, they also had to let go of 24 employees. Per the ZA/UM statement, the layoffs occurred because of company restructuring, implying that projects were canceled internally.

Interestingly, ZA/UM has been embroiled in controversies since the original creators of Disco Elysium were ousted from the company.

32. Starward Industries

Starward Industries developed The Invincible, which gained some traction as a brilliant science-fiction adaptation. However, the studio wasn’t invincible, succumbing to video game layoffs.

This resulted in the studio letting go of 15 employees. The layoffs happened to optimize costs and saw CEO Marek Makuszewski resigning, though staying as a key shareholder in the company.

33. Rovio Montreal

The mobile gaming giant known for creating the top-rated Angry Birds franchise saw 16 employees lose their jobs. This ultimately resulted in their Rovio Montreal office shutting down. Rovio Montreal was making an unannounced project, which has since been canceled. Sadly, we have no reason for the layoffs.

34. 31st Union

A studio under Take-Two Interactive, 31st Union, saw around ten people losing their jobs to the layoffs. They were let go by 2K Games to focus on better support of the studio and games. No further information was given. 31st Union was planning on making games under the 2K Games label, specifically at one point, shortlisted to build a new Mafia game.

35. Curve Games

Indie game publisher Curve Games saw around five people lose their jobs to the layoffs. No exact details exist on the reasoning.

36. Visual Concepts

2K Games-owned Visual Concepts, well-known for working on the WWE 2K games and NBA 2K games, also had some layoffs. However, the numbers are currently not public.

37. Cloud Imperium Games

Cloud Imperium Games also experienced employees losing their jobs to layoffs. The company has been making relocation plans, and because of that, layoffs have occurred. No concrete numbers were announced. The studio is crafting the sci-fi MMO Star Citizen and its single-player counterpart, Squadron 42, progressing steadily through the playable alpha.

38. 505 Games

The famous video game publisher known for bringing games such as Control and Death Stranding, among others, to PC has also suffered from layoffs in 2024. The numbers are currently not public, but it is part of their ongoing efforts to downsize across various countries. This resulted in 30% of the employees across Germany, Spain, and France shutting down.

39. Gearbox

The Randy Pitchford-led development studio and publisher, known for hits like Borderlands and publishing games like Risk of Rain 2, announced their departure from Embracer group earlier this year. However, they got purchased by Take-Two Interactive, joining the 2K Games family.

40. Piranha Bytes

German video game company Piranha Bytes, known for cult hits like Gothic, Risen, and Elex, was released by Embracer Group. However, in a twist of fate, the studio hasn’t yet shut down. Instead, they are still afloat, trying to land a partner for their upcoming projects.

41. Square Enix (America, Europe, Collective)

Japanese video game developer and publisher Square Enix saw some layoffs across America, Europe, and the indie Collective label in 2024. Though those numbers are not yet public, the layoffs happened after their quarterly reports went live. Employees across publishing, IT, and the Collective studio were affected.

Truthfully, writing this article was one of the hardest things I had to do. While I desperately hope I won’t have to come back and add more layoffs, the current state of the video game industry tells me that we are far from done.

What do you think about the massive number of video game industry layoffs 2024? Let us know in the comments below.

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