This First-of-Its-Kind Find My-Supported Dog Tag Can Help Track Your Furry Friends

YIP Smart Tag introduced

Apple launched its Bluetooth-based tracking device AirTag to help users keep track of losable items using the vast Find My network. While users are using AirTags to keep track of their keys, wallets, and other personal items, using them for keeping tabs on the location of pets is something everyone demands. Filling the gap, a pet-focused company PetSmart has launched the first Find My-compatible dog tag to help pet owners keep track of their furry friends in the wild.

YIP Smart Tag with Find My Support Launched

The YIP Smart Tag is the first Bluetooth-based dog tag that supports Apple’s expansive Find My network. PetSmart says that the YIP Smart Tag is a device that can “help you locate the most precious things in your life.”

While users can put various information with custom-engraving on the dog tag, the highlight of the YIP Smart Tag is its smart functionalities. It leverages Apple’s Find My network to track your pet and help you locate them via the Find My app on your iPhone or iPad.

It is said that the dog tag will communicate with millions of Apple devices and will help you find your pet. Setting it up on the Find My app is easy and you can simply put the tag in the Lost mode for you to get the location of your pet. However, there is a catch!

After Apple launched the AirTags in the market, Apple executive Kaiann Drance had mentioned that the AirTags are designed to track items and not pets or people. The executive highlighted the fact that if someone uses an AirTag to track their pets, they need to “make sure that their moving pet gets into range of a device in the Find My network so its location can be tracked.”

Now, if you own a dog or cat, I’m sure you would agree that once they get off the leash, they can easily run out of range of your iPhone or iPad within minutes. In these times, the YIP Smart Tag could become useless and might not be able to track your pet.

For more dependable tracking devices, you can look for a smart dog collar that uses GPS and LTE connectivity to track your pet. However, if you know that your pet only runs around the backyard or within a few blocks around your house, the YIP Smart Tag could be useful for you. It is currently available to buy from PetSmart’s official website and is priced at $34.99 (~Rs 2,623).

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