Uncharted 2 Movie Gets Promising Update From Mark Wahlberg

Uncharted 2
In Short
  • Mark Wahlberg recently confirmed that the script of Uncharted 2 is currently in the works.
  • The first Uncharted movie was a huge success with a global collection of $400 million and a budget of $120 million.
  • As of now, we do not have a tentative release date for the Uncharted 2 movie.

Last year, the movie adaptation of the fan-favorite video game Uncharted was released with Tom Holland in the role of Nathan Drake along with Mark Wahlberg as Victor Sullivan. Initially, people were skeptical of Holland playing the legendary character. However, the way he carried the persona of Nathan Drake made Uncharted a global success. Recently, Mark Walberg in an interview gave a major update regarding the sequel. So, in this article, find out everything he talked about related to the Uncharted 2 movie!

Uncharted 2 Movie Script Is In the Works!

During the promotional event for his upcoming movie The Family Plan, Walberg talked to The Direct about the Uncharted 2 movie. In this interview, he confirmed that a sequel for the first Uncharted movie is in development, and the script is currently being written. He stated,

“I’ve heard lots of different ideas. I know somebody’s written a script, and they’re still working on it, and it would consist of having the mustache the whole entire time. Which completely makes sense; obviously, in that final scene, I have the mustache.” – Mark Wahlberg

The script for the first Uncharted movie was written by Rafe Judkins, Matt Holloway, and Art Marcum. However, any information about their involvement in the script of Uncharted 2 is still unknown.

So, now that we know the Uncharted 2 movie is in the works, we can expect a conclusion for the post-credit scenes of the first movie. Now, based on the post-credit scene, the sequel can take two directions. We can see the inclusion of Gage, the villain for the first Uncharted game, since by the end of the movie, we can see Nathan Drake going to see him.

Another direction Uncharted 2 could take revolves around Nathan finding and rescuing his brother Sam, who was revealed to be a captive in an undisclosed location, throughout the movie.

Knowing that a sequel for Uncharted is in the works is quite exciting in itself, but we don’t expect it to come out anytime before late 2025 or early 2026. Uncharted 2 has just begun with scripting and the actual filming of this movie is still far away. So let’s just wait for another update and as soon as I get my hands on any, you will be the first one to know!

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