Ubisoft’s New College Course Is a Practical Take on Game Design


In a recent collaboration with Concordia University, Ubisoft has announced a new game design course along with online training provider KnowledgeOne. The course, named “Game Creators’ Odyssey”, gives a practical approach to game design offering students in-depth knowledge regarding what happens behind the scenes while a game is being developed.

“Game Creators’ Odyssey is based on the expertise we have acquired at Ubisoft over the past 30 years, and internal training for our developers around the world,” says Olivier Palmieri, game director at Ubisoft Montreal.

The course is divided into two parts – Act 1 and Act 2. Act 1 is named “Rational Game Design” and it is further subdivided into 6 chapters and 16 missions. It revolves around the story of Nagoto, a shinobi warrior-ninja in feudal Japan. Students will “practice their skills and challenge their knowledge” as the plot expands. The course also includes experience points for unlocking content and a leaderboard as well.

The final chapter of the Act even involves creating your own game concept and sharing it with the community. Cool, right? It is worth noting that this course is going to be a 100% online course. This is a welcome move since it allows students across the globe to study whenever they can.

Act 2 is called “Rational Level Design” and it will teach students how to create immersive game worlds and engaging gaming experiences. Upon completing each act, you will be awarded a course certificate from Ubisoft and the university associated.

The first Act is now accessible for students in English and French through several universities. Yes, Concordia University is not going to be the exclusive university offering this course and it will be expanding to different universities soon.

If you’re interested, you can watch the trailer, course overview, and request a course demo by signing up here. The demo will be valid for a period of 14 days. So, what are you waiting for? Check out Game Creators’ Odessey right now.

SOURCE Concordia University
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