twitter's reality show

Twitter’s Own Reality Show

twitter's reality showWhen you created your first tweet or started following your favorite movie star on twitter, did you ever think that one day you will watch a reality show on twitter?

I bet you never!

Coming to the big news, Twitter is now in talks with some of the leading Hollywood studios and influential people over creating a few new reality shows that would be broadcasted on Twitter. This is not some casual talk but a real serious deal. According to certain resources, the original series by Twitter will be somewhat similar to 2 reality shows on MTVThe Real World and The Hills. In fact one of the brains behind the series – The Hills will be working on the Twitter show. We are still not sure how Twitter plans to showcase the video series on its site but we already have an idea. One concept could be of a dedicated stand-alone page with a embedded video player that would stream the reality show (much like the NASCAR page created in June by Twitter). While another concept could be promotion through Tweets, organic searches and pinned on Twitter home page which when clicked would pop-up a fully functional embedded video stream.

The social network is leaving no stone unturned in making this plan a success. They are aiming the big advertisers this time by offering many different ways of promotions. The sources reveal that Twitter is aiming a whooping (around) $4million deal with advertisers. The Twitter will offer Brand Promotion through product integration and promotional tweets within the user tweet feed. Enough about advertisers and adverts, here is something interesting on how Twitter and tweets will affect the show. A few months back, the participants of NBC and Ford produced reality competition Escape Routes interacted with viewers. Twitter plans to use the same concept for their latest shows but with a twist. The tweets made by people will affect the show on air in some way or the other. The tweeple will not only in a way run and affect the show but also interact with participants and advertisers.

Twitter’s media connection is not new. Twitter has been talking and taking media seriously from last 1 year or so. But what they are doing now is something very different from what they have done previously. It would be interesting to see how people specially the Twitter community reacts to these tweets based new reality shows.


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