Twitter Banks High on Videos with TikTok-like Video Viewer

twitter tiktok like videos

Twitter has decided to go the TikTok route to showcase videos in a full-screen format, which can soon become a standard way of consuming videos. The Twitter feed will now go full-screen for videos. Here are the details.

Twitter Wants to Focus on ‘Immersive’ Viewing

Twitter’s new media viewer is believed to provide an immersive experience and will enter the full-screen mode when showing a video. Once a video is clicked, it will appear in full-screen mode and you will be still able to like, comment, and share. The option to retweet will also be available.

Plus, to further make the video feed similar to TikTok, Instagram Reels, and even YouTube Shorts, you will now get the Scroll Up gesture to continue watching more videos in the same format, thus, allowing you to explore more content.

There will be an option to exit the full-screen mode and go back to the original feed by tapping the back-arrow option. This new change will be initially available for iOS users and is said to eventually reach Android users.

While this new change is a way for Twitter to keep up with the trend and give users what’s in demand, it might attract some negative feedback from some of them too. If you don’t know, Instagram began testing the full-screen mode for its entire feed, which had to be rolled back post some backlash. It remains to be seen how this new change on Twitter is received by people.

In addition to this, Twitter has introduced a new video carousel in the Explore section for you to easily explore more, popular videos, besides tweets and trends. This feature is available in select countries on both Android and iOS.

twitter video carousel in Explore

So, what do you think about the new change to videos on Twitter? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

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