5 features coming to Twitter in 2021

Twitter Ditches the ‘Tabbed Experience’ for Its Timeline After Criticism

5 features coming to Twitter in 2021

Twitter recently rolled out a new timeline change for iOS users that pinned the Home timeline with top tweets the default and showed the latest tweets in a second tab. This change, however, ended up attracting some negative feedback from the users, and as a result, Twitter has dismissed the idea of the tabbed experience. Here are the details.

Twitter No Longer Keeps Home Timeline as Default

Twitter, via a recent tweet, suggested that it paid attention to the user feedback, and hence, has now removed the tabbed experience, which included the Home and Latest tabs. The Twitter timeline has been switched back to what it was earlier, allowing users to view the latest tweets first.

The current timeline also allows users to switch to the Home option that includes algorithmic tweets but this is no longer a default setting.

This decision to return back to the old timeline came in after users showed a dislike for the new Twitter feed that forced them into seeing top tweets instead of the chronological ones that came from the people they follow. Here’s a look at some of the Twitter reactions to this change:

For those who don’t know, the Home tab became the default timeline option and was pinned to the top automatically. Users got the option to pin the Latest tab as well, but it wasn’t a default option. Instead, iOS users were required to swipe left every time to view the latest tweets. This functionality was supposed to reach Android and web users but turns out, it won’t be the case now.

While Twitter has rolled back the new update, it also reveals that it is testing more options for its feed. Until then, it’s the chronological feed for you! We will keep you posted when we get to hear more details on Twitter’s “new options” for its timeline. Hence, stay tuned, and do let us know how you feel about the change in the comments below!

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